Friday Harbor Workshop

Hi everyone,

Man, I don't know where to begin! I learned so much, experienced so much at Bruce's workshop.....all of which still hasn't settled with me yet because I'm so energized.

It wasn't long in the first day before we started in on relaxing and energy gathering exercises. Going to and feeling that state of consciousness to place intent knocked my socks off...mainly because I've been there so many times--as we all have-- and I just had no idea what I had always been capable of doing there. AND, knowing now that little doubts that may wiggle their way in while placing intent are of no concern!!! The pure unconditional love exercise at the end of the first day was one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had. PUL isn't easy to describe, at least for me---it's something that has to be experienced in order to KNOW what it is...and, the utterly remarkable thing about it is that it's sooooo easy to learn how to tap into.
Being able to communicate with a deceased relative of a workshop participant, retrieve a soldier from 1812, and retrieve an aspect of myself that enabled me to FINALLY put to rest what had grown to be an irrational fear and had no place in personal growth........all of it cinched a great KNOWING for me: TRUST is the bigee..."To Trust in my Own Process"!

What really astounds me is that we all have the ability to discover and explore the know we truly are so much greater than the physical. This is freedom. We were born with this gift. AND, it's incredibly simple and easy to learn how to use it. So much so that, it makes me want to walk outside, hold the sun in my arms and just start laughing and dancing around. I've always had it-----I just needed a loving teacher to point the way.

I love all of you very much,