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The graphic on the opening page of this Web site is a representation of a portion of who and what I've come to understand myself and all human beings to be. It comes from a waking vision that took place in 1974 that led me to explore beyond the physical world. I discovered there is another me. That me is something I call my Disk, something Bob Monroe called the I/There. Others might call this the Higher Self, Greater Self or Oversoul. The me inhabiting my physical body is but one small part of the Disk. In my explorations, Iíve seen my Disk or Greater Self. To me, it looks like a large disk with many small, round lights arranged in concentric circles. Itís my understanding each of these lights is a personality of my Greater Self, that has completed its cycle of incarnations. Each carries the knowledge and wisdom gained through their countless incarnations. These "other meís," if you will, maintain their personal identity as individual parts of my Greater Self. They didnít lose their personal identities when they became members of my Disk, rather, they added all within themselves to it. Each individual became an integral part of my Greater Self.

I, the one in my physical body, am nonphysically connected to members of the Disk via something that looks, to my perception, like a multi-strand, fiber optic cable. It connects between the shoulder blades and may be the basis of the "silver cord" others have written about. Information passes through this "cord" between myself and my Disk giving Disk members awareness of my activities and me awareness of them, once I learned how.

Itís also my understanding that I was created by my Greater Self as a unique combination of traits of Disk members. My Greater Self used parts of itself to create the unique personality that I am. From one perspective, I see myself as a "Probe, not unlike something NASA would launch to explore the Unknown. In other words, my Greater Self created me from parts of itself and sent me into physical world reality to explore. I also understand that my Greater Self is, itself, a similar Probe, created and "launched" by its creator. I expect my Greater Self will one day return to its creator to become a member of whatever It is. I expect when that happens my Greater Self will not lose its personal identity, but rather join its Greater Self.

For a more detailed explanation, see The Disk Vision's Meaning (A Probe Called Curiosity)

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