Relaying a Retrieval experience at the Lillian, Al

Awhile back I posted a note saying that my husband Rog and I were at the Lillian, AL December workshop, and that i would eventually post one of each of our exciting retrieval experiences. Well, to start, here is an account of my husband's first retrieval experience: Rog found himself standing outside a house that he immediately recognized as being the house of a woman (Mary), who used to be our neighbor when we lived next to her many years ago in West Hartford, CT. (Now, just to give a little background info on Mary before I continue....For 10 years, after her husband's death, Mary remained in her home, 24 hours a day, refusing to leave it, and spending most of her time just staring out the living room window, looking at the surrounding neighborhood. And also, I'd like to mention that Mary was absolutely terrified of men, but she did inform me that she liked my husband Rog, just by viewing him at a distance)...(now back to the retrieval).... Rog approached Mary's front door, and since she was looking out the living room window as he approached, and she recognized him, she opened the door for him. Rog, after greeting her, then asked her, "Mary, why haven't you left this house?", and she said, "Because I'm afraid I might see or bump into my husband somewhere."... (as another aside here, while Mary and her husband were both alive, they used to fight viciously and constantly, like cats and dogs!!!! So apparently Mary had stayed in her house all these years in her afterlife state, in order to avoid seeing her husband!!!!!)... Then Rog said, "Mary, how have you been spending your time in the house lately?", and she said, "Well, I've been looking out the living room window at the vacant house across the street, because someday I'd love to have my son buy that house, so that he could live next door to me, and we would then be close together." ... (as another aside, Mary's son is also deceased , but Mary was totally devoted to and very close to her son while he was alive)...Then, all of a sudden, a FEMALE person (the helper!!) "pops up" standing next to Rog..and Rog says to Mary, "I have a friend here who is a real estate agent, who would just love to take you to look at that house across the street, to see if that might be something your son would be interested in to purchase." Well, Mary's eyes lit up...and the next thing that happens is that the real estate lady is walking across the street, with both Mary and Rog following behind!!!! ... (as another aside, Bruce suggested that this "crossing the street" could very well have represented Mary's crossing over into another "realm" or "dimension"!!)...After Mary had viewed the vacant house, she said, "I know that my son would just love to buy this house because it would be just perfect for him." The real estate lady then said to Mary, "I know exactly where your son is right now, and I could take you to him if you'd like." At that thought, Mary absolutely beamed and said she'd like to be taken to her the real estate lady took Mary's hand and they both walked off...(into a very happy ending for Mary..Mary having finally left the imprisonment of her house after so many years!!!)
... Wow, this is just such amazing and incredible stuff,huh? and to think that Rog went into all of this "retrieval stuff" absolutely cold, not even knowing who Bruce Moen was before this workshop!!!...and Rog was just thinking that he was going to give me a ride to some workshop in Al, and hang out at the nearby beaches waiting for me...HA!!!!