My visit in BST...(long)

Posted by Dora on August 30, 2001 at 13:45:54:

Hi to all,

Wanted to share my retrieval few days ago in a "heavenly" place.
Early afternoon, i decided time to take a little break from painting and take a short nap, but the outside noises from the gardners disturb me, so i thought i just going to relax and put my favorite hemi-sync CD the "The visitation" on. After few minutes I felt falling through the 3D black tunnel, and I heard a male voice says "Let's go"... End of the blackness i find myself front of a beatiful iron gate open. I walked in
to a spanish style garden with gorgeous flowers, grass, stone walkway, feeling of the early fall, the place was absolutely peaceful.. (I was wondering where I could be) walked through the arcad to the building when I realized I'm in a monostery.
When I get to the huge delicately curved oak front door what I admired for awhile, I mentaly asked the helper what am I doing here? When I look at myself I find i'm dressed like a nun, but apron front of me and next to me is a cleaning chart with all the cleaning supply.
When I walked into the stone building i walked in like a huge living area with about 10-15 priest talking, reading, or just relaxing. Few was standing front of on other door and discussing the situacion. Few realized my presence, but seems like some know me, or just was natural someone come and do the cleaning.I asked what suppose to be a problem. One said "HE" closed himself into the library room, and unwilling to open the door.
He was mention like I suppose to know who they talking about. That poing i asked the Helper "now what?" I heard the voice... "JUST DO IT"
So since wasn't a way back to this point I knocked on the door, and I said... It's cleaning time.. after a few second the door opened for few inch and I saw a man ..he asked me if anyone with me... i told him no, then he let me in but he locked the door again.
I so vividly see the library room even smell the old leather covered books, with a yellow paper pages from the age... I saw a huge table with a same delicate carving desing same as the doors. I saw the Bibble, the Koran, and many other religious books are lay on the table and the man frantically reading pages from all the books.
Somehow I get the idea to act the most harmless as possible, pretending to be just a silly naive, not so bright person who does not do anything just dust and clean. I asked him why he closed the door? He told me he don't want to talk to anyone there, because they don't agree with him on his finding. He said he find a major problem in this books, especially in the bible
when he did try to translate to a different language from latin.
Then I told him, I do not know this things but I am cleaning this other place too, and I know a man there who must be really smart because everyone goes to him and ask his opinion about things, and seems like he give the right answer to everyone because everyone is happy after they talking to him.
I could see his thinking and measure me up, and since I guess he didn't had high opinion about my "simple mind"
he said he could try.
I had to check the livingroom if anyone there, and we walked out, walked thru the beatiful garden again. Then seems the other place was just cross to the monostery..We didn't get in to that place because soon as we pass the iron gate a man appeared front of us.
The man was surranded with misty kind of a light (not like the bright light, like we imagine the God light)
dressed in brilliant blue... That point I remembered what to do... I felt taking a very deep breath and send the biggest PUL I could generate and beamed like a laser to "my" priest. Soon as I did that, I saw the man in the blue expanded the mist around the priest and they were gone.
I find myself back in my bed asking what did happen..
I heard the Helper voice like a radio station from the next door neighbor...
The priest was from England about late 1600's early 1700's and he really did try to translate the bible what the church against it, being afraid they will lose controlls, and they throw the priest to the London Towers where he was tortured and finally killed.
He concidered himself as a martyr who deserved to go to Heaven, but the other hand he did have doubt about the bible content.That was the end.. took 15 min.

Currently I try to search if in fact anything or similiar happened in England...
If anyone have a knowledge please let me know...

Love to all...

Noted: The rest of the priest in the monostery had no emotion at all they seem like ageless, timeless and still.. they didn't really care about the priest, except they was disturbed not able to get in to the library.. I felt they just wanted to live undisturb.