Rescue of Miners

Posted by Halyna Mordowanec-Regenbo on September 03, 2001 at 19:46:09:

My name is Halyna and I did Guidelines in July at RMR.On Aug. 19 there was a mine explosion at Donetsk,Ukraine,where 39 miners were killed which I noted the following day in the paper. On Aug 19 ,it was also the day of my son's 19th birthday and so that was uppermost in my mind. On Aug 22, I did my usual meditation-journey,using John Cahill's Convergence tape, when in the middle of it I saw a row of men dashing in front of the other in a narrow dark space. Not thinking much of it, I continued in my journey when I got a strong urge to find the miners in Donetsk to help them. But all I got was an image of a bunch of lilac flowers thrust before me. As I was finishing and not getting any strong image, I asked for somebody to rescue them to Focus 27.
That night I emailed my friend Geary who had taken Lifelines and asked if he would do some rescue work with the miners. I received his email two days later saying that he rescued 4 guys in very bad shape but only remembered one name which was Yuriy. He also urged me to try rescuing them even though I felt I couldn't. With Geary's support, I did three evenings in a row and Geary did a second try. In the first try it felt like I was imagining the whole experience of going to Focus 23, seeing badly burned miners , getting three names and taking them to Focus 27 and waiting with them until medics came in an ambulance and took them away.Wanting to verify the three names that I got which were, Andriy,Misha and Serhiy, I found the Donetsk newspaper listing all 19 miners' names in Russian. What did I find?
Andriy,Vladymyrovitch,Pyrohiv; Mychayl (Misha),Ivanovytch, Volkov; Serhiy, Henadevych,Kolesnykov. The next night, I asked for last names along with the first and I got Victor, Ivanovytch,Artemyv, with the name of Artem very strong which was his last name; a Roman with a K for a last name,which I found as,Roman ,Medchotovytch,Karymov.
My friend Geary, found Alexei, Vasily, Dimitriy and Goron-which would be Igor. Also as he was rescuing his group of miners ,he saw two of the miners being pulled up to Focus 27, by the names of Mikhail and Yugeny. I'm not sure of Yugeny butI got Mikhail (Misha) on my first try.
At any rate between the two of us we managed to rescue 17 miners in total. With two of them going to their belief systems while the rest went to Focus 27. I deeply thank my friend Geary for his help and my guide for helping me on this my first rescue mission. I also asked my dad who made his transition last May and whom I and Patricia Leva helped to Focus 27 to look in on the miners and he promised he would.
In great awe and appreciation