Posted by Ginny on September 10, 2001 at 15:03:57:

Hi All,

When I connected with a Helper we began moving into what unfolded before us as open, flat countryside, patches of green and rocks, blue sky. We were walking down a dirt road. My attention was drawn to look at what I, and the Helper, were wearing: brown robes of some kind of rough material--mine was to my knees and the Helper's to his ankles; ropes for belts; I had a second robe or blanket over my left shoulder.
Up the road was what looked like a wooden cart, with large wooden wheels, and a man picking up and placing rocks of all sizes into it. I got that he pushed this cart himself. Before he became aware of us two men on horses came riding toward us and on by, and I sensed "Roman soldiers". The Helper communicated to me that we were only going to get acquainted with this man and nothing more on this first visit. We greeted him and he said his name was Jordame (jor-daw-mee). I didn't sense any strong emotion from him regarding us stopping to become acquainted, but he did seem unsure but complied when the Helper stated we were thirsty (!) He handed us small wooden bowls of water and something that was I guess dried food/fruit(?) Before our visit was over I receieved the impression that this was in the time of Jesus.

For a few days I couldn't go into the afterlife but was getting stronger signals about the man, to return, so the Helper and I returned to him....and he was still picking up rocks in the countryside. I sensed he remembered us as we stopped by his cart, and the Helper communicated for me to start a conversation with, being caught off guard, all I could think of to ask him was why he collected rocks and small boulders. He said for building walls, roads, possibly buildings too. As he explained this I started getting info on him: he was a slave from birth, he and his mother had worked and lived in quarries or wherever the Romans had them working, pretty much treated like animals. This slavery had been handed down from generation to generation and was basically all he ahd ever known. I then receievd a strong impression to ask him where his mother was,and I hesitated because it felt as if this question would be a turning point for him...but I knew it was necessary. At the question he became visibly upset. He started picking up more rocks and then putting them back, shaking. He finally said she had died and he was to blame. He had tried to escape and his mother had been murdered as a warning to him and anyone else who had thoughts of escape/rebellion...and the guards or soldiers never let him forget he was responsible for her death. She had been his only source of anything humane, caring, loving. She had tried to teach him not to hate but he had failed miserably. He became more upset and I was told to send him PUL, and this seemed to help him regain his composure ( I could hear him inhale and emit a small groan when he got the boost!). I then started telling him he was not to blame and he wnated to hear this but seemed confused. Then the Helper did one of those unexpected things that always leaves me thrilled and anxious at the same time.....he pulled out from underneath his robe what looked like folded fabric/paper (?), opened it up and handed it to Jordame. I sensed a flash of irritation from Jordame over the fact that the Helper should know he couldn't read, but the Helper encouraged him to just look at the writing: there were symbols on it that would make sense to Jordame ( all I got at this point was that these symbols were on cave walls where slaves lived....and that the symbols somehow indicated that slaves had broken free and escaped??). He did recognize the symbols and at that moment he was confused but seemed to be opening up to possibilities (?)......and suddenly two soldiers came riding up and stopped. I felt Jordame communicating with them but was unable to look up at the soldiers---as if my head was to be kept down as a sign of obeyance (?). The Helper had swiftly placed the message back into his robe and stood quietly...and eventually they left. This brief meeting with soldiers seemed to put Jordame right back into feelings of guilt again, and we talked with him about how he was not to blame. The Helper asked him if his mother had had any religious beliefs and he said not really. Jordame had heard about a man (Jesus) running around the country and he had chalked him up with all the other religious speakers and groups preaching this and that. He believed in nothing but hate, cruelty, no hope.......but his mother had tried to help him change. He became upset about her again and I sent him more PUL, and this second boost had an interesting affect on him: it seemed as if he suddenly "woke up" became more aware of us (?)....and he said to the Helper that what he was feeling right now was what he had felt at times when around his mother. It was as if he was suddenly remembering this, while experiencing it. He then asked if he had died.....he had found himself standing near a body (his?), and the Helper communicated something that felt like a confirmation---not sure. The Helper then began telling him he could leave this place....he could walk right out and never come back....he could live in and experience more of the feeling he was now getting, in a place of freedom and choices....and with that we each took a hand and walked with him inbetween us, down the road the way we had initially come.

Thanks for listening.

Much love,