chatting with dad's spirit

Dear friends , here is a recent happening, you may be interested in.

I decided to work on my fading tan today using a free pass to the golf swim club that my daughter Nikki gave me. She is a life guard there for the summer. Being a Sunday I was worried it might be crowded, but it wasn't and it was such a lovely day with perfect end of summer weather. I chose my chaise lounge and began reading a book that I brought with me. I closed the book momentarily and sighed, something had been on my mind so I mentally asked spirit to give me a bit of guidance, I usually do this at least once a day . I yawned and stretched then I noticed that to my right side sitting in a empty chair sat my Dad., I jumped a bit not expecting this at all. My father passed away in spirit about 6 years ago and I do not recall him visiting, although I have felt his presence at times. I said hello, he replied that it was a nice day to be at the pool. How have you been on the other side? I asked. Busy very busy, but I drop by from time to time and see everyone. Where do you live exactly over there, I mean do you have a house? yes, a house with lots of big trees in front and fruit trees in the back,,and a big porch to sit on, I could see all this in my head when he described it,,,I also saw a small lake nearby. Over there looks alot like here he said. Who all is there with you? He started mentioning some names that I recognised and he mentioned a first cousin whom he had grown up with, now this cousin had died when I was very young, but when he said the name , I then remembered him.( note: I had totally forgotten this cousin of his, so long ago) I had several issues that I wanted to ask him about, personal issues,,,when I asked him though, he just smiled at me, not answering,,,,,hmmm, this sounds like a learning thing I must work out correct? again he just smiled,,,,I started to take notice at this time or his manner of dress and hair,,,,he looked really young, had his full head of hair again, and his clothing was that of a young male, sandels without socks!!! short grey like shorts and a matching t-shirt,,,,,not the old man frumpy stuff he was wearing before he passed. We continued to chat , at first I was just mentally chatting to him, but found myself answering things outloud,,,,I noticed a couple of people staring at me talking to a empty chair, then my daughter Nikki walked over and began to take a seat in the so called empty chair. NO! I shouted, granpa is sitting here,,,,,Granpa?? what are you talking about,,,,,I explained that he was visiting in spirit,,,, he then said hello to her and told her what a nice job she had this summer, are you kidding she said, this job is awful,,,,,,he replied to me, she really loves it and has lots of fun at times,,,,,when I told her what he said, she smiled and said, well its not that bad I guess. He then remarked about several things she had been doing, before we knew it , we both were responding outloud to this empty chair, again we got looks from others nearby. Nikki said I have got to go before all the other life guards think we are really strange. He then remarked about how tight the economy is right now and how glad he was that we were doing okay at this time. All in all it was a lengthy chat, with me not always seeing him clearly, sort of fading in and out.. the visit felt natural, I think because it was a Sunday, you see whenever we did see him while he was alive it was always on a Sunday.afternoon. His energy faded then and left me feeling happy inside . Thanks for letting me share,,,,,xxxlinn
Have you ever wondered if there is a passage or place in the bible that would describe a home on the other side, well I have found this passage that to me confirms that there is indeed one, its from the writings of Apostle Paul 2 corinthians, 5-1 ( Kings James version) here goes:

"For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved , we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."