my first attempt

Posted by Dora on September 11, 2001 at 13:14:47:

I had a hard time to relax, but when I did, I asked a Helper to come, took awhile when I felt a presence of one. Avoided the normal step by step focus changes i felt i was grabbed thru to a seems like open field dark, smoggy, cloudy i get a feeling of a people who forming a line. I haven't see they faces just the feeling of them, dazed, scared not have a clue what they doing there... But I saw clearly MANY who i felt physically live there to help. I was adviced very firmly by my Helper... "this time do as I say" keep them in line so they can't spread out.. this point in the front of the line i saw literally hundreds of hundreds fuzzy light balls approacing the line, and i realized like one by one from the line people start
to go follow the lights and dissapeared.
I had a strong feeling the reason for like myself physically livings was there for the last connection
to them with the 3d world and somehow distract they realization what happen to them. I think that group do not need further retrieval.
The emotion in me was so strong I had to come back.
I will go back again later..
Love to all