Helping Today

Posted by Bruce Moen on September 11, 2001 at 14:42:40:

To All Those Helping Today,

Working in such an emotionally charged area is familar to me, some suggestions. The emotional energies can be very strong. As you prepare to provide assistance remember to FEEL Love and let that feeling fill and surround you. If things get rocky remember to stop and FEEL Love again.

For some of you perhaps the best thing to do is just intend to channel as much PUL into that site as possible. Visualize flows of Love energy coming into the site from all directions, clearing the darkness.

Working directly in the site can bring you in contact with the emotional energies being focused there. If you feel like you are beginning to experience strong emotions that are difficult to handle remember how to unload them. The technique I've used successfully in the past is to lie down and take in deep relaxing breaths and energy gathering breaths from below and from above. Then imagine a small ball, or as many as necessary, floating in the air a few feet above your body. Imagine that any energies that are not yours are leaving your body and going into the ball. Place your intent to send the ball/s, with its energy, back to its "rightful owner/s."

Contact with such strong emotional energies can stimulate any similar energies we have been carrying around with us. This can cause some strong feelings to emerge within consciousness. As you breathe energy in from above and below, imagine these feelings being carried out of you with your exhale. There may be some residual feelings, in my experience my own 'stuff' coming into awareness. LOVE them.

Pace yourselves. If you are experiencing strong, almost uncontrolable emotional states, release the energy of those emotions using the ball method described above. Take a walk. Get out into nature, to a park if there is one nearby. Gather in energy as you walk through the beauty of nature.

Remember to ask for the assistance of Helpers in anything you do. Sometimes they just need you to perform a specific function as a way of making it easier for them to do what they need to do.

Above all, FEEL LOVE,

Love to you all,