NY Retrieval

Posted by Rosalie on September 12, 2001 at 08:24:57:

My only intent for this retrieval was to help wherever I was needed, so just let my Helper choose the course. I found myself with several others behind the counter of a refreshment stand, giving out coffee, bottled water, donuts, to people as they passed by me. I looked to my left and saw what looked like thousands of people walking in a slow, orderly fashion toward some goal I didn't see. I left the stand and walked between them in the direction from which they seemed to be coming. They appeared to be almost sleepwalking. I came across one young woman, however, who was agitated and crying. When she saw me, she grabbed on to me and said, "We're all dead, but they don't know it and they won't listen to me." I put my arms around her and sent her PUL. When she calmed down, I told her that she was right, and it was ok that the others didn't realize it, but all of them were in the right place and the others would eventually understand as she had. Just the confirmation of what she knew seemed to be all she needed. She continued on with the others with a smile on her face.

Then I was "transported" to what must have been one of the towers. There were dead people trapped under beams and debris. Joining into their reality, I moved the obstructions from on top of them. I walked them toward a door and when we opened it, there was an "ambulance" waiting on the other side. They got in without question and it drove away. One man insisted he wasn't hurt, and when we got to the door, there was a Yellow Cab waiting for him. Those Helpers are ingenious!

Through all of this I felt no problems with my own or others' emotions. I think this was because I spent a considerable time beforehand gathering energy as Bruce teaches, and had such a huge supply of it in my heart center that it acted like insulation for me while I did what had to be done. Also the PUL that all of you are sending acted like a breathing line to a deep-sea diver.

At what turned out to be the end of the experience, I had a strong feeling I should get out of there, which I did immediately. When I returned to physical consciousness, I had no emotional residue to deal with. It seems, for me at least, the important thing to do is build up a supply of energy before I begin.