Subways, Buses & Cabs

Posted by Bruce Moen on September 12, 2001 at 10:32:39:

First I want to express my thanks for all of you who are helping in whatever way you can. I thought Iíd post my own retrieval work from last night in case some part of might help give some level of verification to someone else.

Before going to sleep last night I decided to visit the site. Almost immediately I was joined by at least four of those bright-light people, like the ones at the India earthquake. We floated up above the scene, maybe a couple of hundred yards above ground level and they just shined their light into the blackness that looked like smoke to me. Weíd move around to a different location and theyíd shine more. I thought they wanted me to call out to folks, but I didnít see any at first, just thick blackness. I asked to see how retrievals were being handled and suddenly found myself at what at first felt like street level, not far from where the towers had been.

As the images of trains came to mind the scene seemed to move underground and it took a few moments to get my bearings. People were streaming, several single file lines of them, into what appeared to be a huge open area in a subway station. As they entered the scene their faces were dull with confusion. They almost looked like zombies, just walking because there was someone in front of them and behind them walking. Like all they knew was that they were in a line and had to keep walking, but they didnít know how they got into the line or why. As they entered the subway station area their faces brightened, like the familiar surroundings made them feel better.

A train pulled up and people began moving toward it. Some of them were a little confused because the trains were empty, that didnít seem to fit their expectations. But, they just got onto the train with the crowd. As soon as the train was full it pulled out of the station and another empty one pulled in.

Then I was up at street level and the scene appeared to be normal, the towers were still there and there was no debris. Once in a while a bus pulled up to the curb and a few people boarded. Then the bus drove away. There didnít seem to be as many people taking the bus as there were taking the subway trains.

The scene changed again and I found myself sitting in the driverís seat of a Yellow Cab. I didnít look like I do now. I was heavy set, with a dark complexion and I drove toward where the buildings had been and could see debris everywhere and rescue workers moving around. I spotted a man who appeared to be confused. He had been walking around in the street, trying to talk to some of the physical humans but they all ignored him. I drove my cab over to the guy and shouted out the window asking if he needed a cab. It was at that point I realized I had a thick New York accent. The guy seemed a little surprised that I could see him. He pointed to himself and asked if I was talking to him. After he got into the cab I asked if he minded sharing the fare with another passenger. He said it was okay and someone else immediately appeared in the back seat. Moments later they both disappeared. I continued driving my cab up to the scene and picked up a few more people. Some disappeared immediately after sitting down in the back seat. With some I had to start driving to take them home before the Helper could get them. I was still driving the cab when I fell asleep.