rescue at WTC

Posted by Halyna on September 12, 2001 at 12:53:52:

I decided to try retrieval at WTC. Initially in Focus 23 got some light in the red haze. Came to a level with lots of rubble, heat but very quiet. Just heard some low moans and sobs. Found one woman stumbling around, crying that she didn't know where to go. I got her name as Sheila. Then saw another woman badly mangled up, as I called to her she got up and started to dust herself and when she saw her body still laying there she started to cry. I comforted them and got her name as Dorothy. I asked them if any of their workers were around and got two men stumbling to us, Harold and Joe. They were so in such shock that it was hard to communicate with them. I kept asking them to come with me and they just kept standing there and, stumbling and swaying. Finally all four of them came with me right up to Focus 27 where they were immediately whisked away by ambulance guys. As we were leaving I saw a huge crane picking up people in this contraption that was like a stretcher.
Then something told me to look for the people that jumped out of the building in the rubble on the street. I got several people, Stan, John and Mary but then Stan disappeared to look for his friends, so only John and Mary came with me. This time I didn't go all the way to Focus 27 because they winked out somewhere in the Belief systems.
The third time I went back I found a fellow and a woman wandering around and they said they had been on the plane. The woman was fairly young with dark curly hair. As I was trying to help them, I noticed a long line of people just drifting out of the dark rubble. I sent them a lot of PUL and started to direct them to the Rescue Centre that I realized was up the street where it was bright, clean and you could see the blue sky. I said that someone would help them there. So I just walked down the rows of people sending then love and telling them to go to the Rescue Centre.