New York

Posted by lyn on September 12, 2001 at 22:12:52:

Hi Alysia,
I'm just going to launch into stuff as it crosses my mind.....when I first began to try to help only about half an hour after the second building went, I was overwhelmed by my own dark chaos and could do
nothing but just be there, but the most remarkable image of these silvery-grey oulines lifting up out of the darkness was so profound it will never leave me. Something like heavy rain, only going up.....hundreds and hundreds, with no help from
anybody, just raining upwards, going home. At the time I thought I was crazy and was making it up, but now, looking back it just fills me with awe. As I
say it's the major image I have.

Anyway, later in my second try I wrapped
myself in light, made sure I kept close to my helper (these day he's become a large ball of light) and we set off. I also did what Bruce says and kept
'seeing it not there' - so all I was getting was the 'feelings of people' - the Helper was directing me all the time. So I didn't fully see the crushed
mangled and torn bodies, because with a sort of probe made of love (I can't describe it) I 'felt out' these people and called them up with this real and
practical energy of LOVE, as if I was sending an energy or a ray of love through the carnage. Makes no sense as I say it and I didn't even know what
I was doing, but it worked and people floated out of their mutilation with such ease. Sometime I would tell them they were free now because they had left their bodies behind....that they were alive even though the body was gone. We would great each other almost in celebration. I hugged some,cradled some, and all the time I kept passing them onto the helper - although
sometimes I would carry them back to the reception centre. One incident really stunned me, I felt there was consciousness trapped under and behind a
huge section of rubble and as I probed and called to them 4 people come towards me. They had been crushed together, crushed into one pulpy mess, and
now they wanted to stay together. They didn't want to seperate or move from each other's presence. We sort of joined a tight circle and hugged each other, then they joined hands in a line - I was down one end
and the helper at the other and we moved back to the park.

With all this happening I could only retrieve for a short burst, even though there was no
bad vibes, it was exhausting. I don't know how many people I contacted, or even how many times I went in there - but I know what I was seeing inside
the carnage looked different to the views I saw on TV. Oh! Yes, I had to have a few showers and I found I could retrieve better under the water? That's odd?

I really want to talk about this way of seeing it not is such a protective works so well. I was seeing parts of bodies, yet at the same time not seeing them....helps to cope. All the time I
felt there was a calmness. No panic, no hysterics.

I looked for you, and thought for a minute I might have found you? We hugged
but then the feeling was lost??????

It's interesting that you talk of collective consciousness, because I felt this too as I stood watching those people moving up out of their bodies,
raining upwards - I felt I had never seen such a thing and yet somehow I knew all about it - as if the images themselves were part of our collective
unconsciousness...and I am hovering around the barrier that seperates us from real and unreal, and can feel it almost like the sharp metal divide. Mass conscousness is almost a sacred state, and to rest, and lay one's mind in this mass is to see a new reality. I'm in an altered state myself at present,
and wish I had words to explain the thoughts rushing through me.
love lyn