Magic Carpet Retrievals

Posted by Gatewaygrad on September 15, 2001 at 13:22:47:

Yesterday I laid down with a tape intending to retrieve more people. The phone rang 3 times but each time I was able to go back to the retrievals with no problem. I went back to the WTC and 'saw it not there' again which helped to clear out all of the obstructions.

I called out to people to go to the Light over and over. Then souls started floating to me and I again said to go to the Light. One person told me I was the Light. I looked all around and saw there were no Helpers there at the time and then realized that I was glowing and sending out beacons of Light myself. Again this was totally different from any other retrievals I have done so I thought a moment of what to do because I realized I had to get these people to the Park/Receptions area myself and there were so many. Then I remembered Bruce's magic carpet rides with his kids, so I told everyone to jump on the magic carpet which just appeared. More and more souls came and it soon became obvious it wasn't big enough, so I thought that it has to be big enough to accommodate all who could come and as I thought that, it grew. Most people seemed to be in a daze and were just following others.

Finally, with a load of anywhere from 50 to 100 people on the magic carpet, we took off. Some souls asked where we were going and I told them to an area where they would be looked after. Then some started saying they wanted to see Jesus.

As we came over the Park I looked down and saw Jesus (or an aspect of Him) with many people surrounding Him. They looked and saw Him too and became very cmotional and happy. We landed and most went over to Him. The rest started walking with all the other souls that were walking.

I went to my place and recharged at the crystal, then entered it thinking "I sure wish Gordon were here". When I got out, there he was and I was able to recharge much more with him holding me. I went back to the WTC but had the definite feeling I was through for the time being.

My emotions stay under control while doing the retrievals but are stronger when I'm through. But with releasing by shedding some tears helps me tremendously.

I'm hoping to fly out Monday now and plan to do retrievals on the planes. I now know without a doubt that this is my purpose in this life at this time.

Love to all,