Send PUL to those trapped in hate

Posted by Ginny on September 16, 2001 at 10:36:32:

My love to all of you.

This morning I felt that urge to go into the afterlife and when I arrived in F27 a Helper arrived, ready to go. We moved to what appeared to be an entrance to a theatre and I found myself experiencing some odd feelings. Hesitating at the entrance I asked where we were and I instantly knew the feelings to be what I've experienced in the BST. I hesitated some more----I perceived the Helper smiling, getting a kick out of me!---lol!---and was reassured to just trust and enter the place. We floated above a seated crowd of about two hundred people, all listening to various speakers on a stage rant and rave about the importance of hating those who have oppressed them. The entire feeling to the place seemed heavy and morbid, yet I knew I was shielded from it at the same time. One speaker gave the Nazi salute. Another was a woman who screamed about the injustices done to her, and/or her people. Another man gave his fired up opinions and several in the crowd agreed. As I floated above with the Helper I got that everyone in the theatre lived and breathed hate, revenge.....and I also got that they craved the idea of being in control, doing to others what they felt had been done to them. Many were in a vicious cycle and gathering together to speak and listen obviously reinforced all they knew life to be: hatred. The Helper then said it was time to send this crowd some PUL. I then saw many others move in on either side of us and in asking who they were, all I got was, "Others who care." As I began building up PUL I perceievd a low, steady humming suddenly coming from those who had joined us.....and it then became a vibration I could feel. All of them were sending PUL. As I directed love to the next speaker on the stage a human shape walked onto the stage---just the shape of a human and all dark within his shape......I sensed he was in charge and I could feel he was concerned about something, most likely the reactions from speakers as they seemed to lose their drive for hate filled ranting. Everyone became confused as speakers lost their train of thought and stood dumbfounded, tongue-tied. Those in the audience became restless and a few started walking out. The dark figure seemed to be in a panic as more people left the theatre. I then sensed our time there was coming to a close and got a little surprise: as the Helper stood facing me, smiling, I felt a tingling up and down my left side, including my physical body. And then the Helper and I were moving up and away from that belief system.
We stopped and a beautiful little girl, light brown or blonde hair, lacy dress, clutching a cloth doll, just smiled a huge smile at me and said she had been riding in an airplane! I knelt down in front of her and shared back a love for flying, asking if she wanted to go flying with me. She looked behind her saying her mommy was back there, and I reassured her we would find her mommy too.....and with that I picked her up, told her to extend her arms outward cause that's what we do when we fly, and she squealed with delight. The Helper guided us down to what appeared to be a few buildings with grass, trees, playground.....and her grandmother came running for her.
The Helper then guided me back to what looked like the WTC devastation and I decided this time to "see it not there" (thanks to all who have posted this technique to remind me to do the same). I perceievd a woman crying. She was sitting near what must have been her human body----a black charred mass-----and she wanted to know if she was dead. I could feel she'd be able to handle the truth and told her yes, but followed up with the fact that her body was no longer working but she was still very much alive. I then sensed she was a Christian and a gold light opened up. She was overjoyed to see saints and she left with them. I was then taken to a man who was covered with mud, walking aimlessly, crying. He was so consumed with others in need and was calling for help. Medics arrived and took him away on a stretcher. There were two more retrievals ( having a hard time remembering them right now)and then I was told to return.