sunday morning

Posted by alysia on September 16, 2001 at 22:43:42:

this morning when I woke the grief and anger had subsided as if some magic formula had been applied. I wish I could consciously remember where I go at nite while sleeping, obviously, I've been listening to the great peacemaker in the sky, and return only with the emotional content. good enough. if u are reading this Gordon Phinn, u mentioned something about all ministers will have made their choice come Sunday morning. I believe they have chosen peace. I believe I too have chosen peace, after struggling with the temptation of the "rightness" of retaliation. I believe our hearts have cracked right open and thusly have expanded in the healing process. now, we can go forward without fear.
(ps) trying a new method of getting to the retrieval site, all I do is wait, listen and breath, after stating the intention. one time this produced a very clear image of a construction worker whom I engaged in conversation before he left with a guide. but should I continue imagining the site as in aid to getting there, a lot of time the waiting causes me to sleep, whereas imagining does not, but yet the other method produced such clearness. hmmmm?
with love to everyone. alysia