WTC- desperately need contact

Posted by MikeV on September 17, 2001 at 18:12:50:

I haven't been on this board in a long time. I was a regular from 1997 to 1999, but my kids took up most of my energy from then on. Anyway, my close friend Steve was lost in the WTC. What makes it important that I contact him was that we often discussed the Afterlife in great detail and I know he would make an effort to get through to me. He would also be receptive to helpers although he had a stubborn passion for life and may have been resistant albeit open to what lies ahead. Once he realized where he was, I even believe he would help too.
I think he was believed to be where the 1st plane hit. I just want to know if anyone recalls helping him, or if any helpers can confirm that he did indeed cross.
Posted by patty on September 20, 2001 at 08:49:14:

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HI Mike,

Well, I am more than a little concerned about the fact that my husband's name is MIke, and the fact that I have a sister in Manhattan named Laura, will interfere with the impressions I received. But for what it is worth, here is how things went.

I felt like I was genuinely getting some help in this attempt. That was nice. I asked my helper friend to help me meet Stephen Lauria who died in the WTC attack. I saw a young man fitting the description you provided walking towards me, away from the site of the attack. The rubble was way back in the background, and this young man was walking toward me completely free of any pain or anything - indicating that he is not too badly affected from the event. He seemed completely fine and a nice young man. He had sandy brown hair, which I had thought you mentioned here but now I see you didn't.

He was wearing a grey suit, and gave me strong handshake.

I had trouble getting any firm bit of info, like a name or something that might mean genuine contact to you. I asked him how he referred to you - and I heard "Mike-ee" (but that is what I call my husband so who knows if that was my own subconscious or not). I asked him what he wanted to communicate to you and I had the sense of a sister.

Actually, three separate times I had the sense that he was trying to communicate 'sister,' I believe he meant HIS sister. (again, since I have a sister named Laura in Manhattan I wonder if this is my personal stuff surfacing). I couldn't get a name or even a sense of living or dead.

I asked if he had any pets. I had the strong impression of no pets passing with him (duh) and a weaker impression of no pets at all.

Two impressions that came unbidden -

One was the image of a woman - she looked like Cher or like the Mona Lisa.

The second was complicated - I think it was symbolic in some way. I had the sense that he had thought his death would serve a purpose. And then I had the sense that he had small outrage that so many died AFTER him in this event. As though his death DIDN'T serve a purpose if so many more needed to die in addition. The images were of him in an office, and then he was gone; then his boss, an older man, heavyset, approaching fifty - then his boss was gone; then a woman, a desk clerk, in the background, and then she was gone. My take on it was that after he died there were two more 'waves' of death, and he was upset that his death wasn't sufficient for whatever purpose this tragedy is about. (this complicated image may have come from your provision early on that he may have been where the first plane hit.)

Again, my main sense what that this young man was fine, and the strongest impression I received several times was thaty of 'sister.' I am curious if any of this resonates, I certainly hope it does though if it doesn't I am very sorry.


Posted by Mike V on September 20, 2001 at 10:29:53:

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Patty, thank you dearly for your attempt. You may have hit onto something. Steve had dark brown/black wavy hair with gray streaks. He had a cat, but it was his girlfriend's, sort of. He would be outraged over what happened but not filled with hate. He was open to the afterlife thought process and would analyze the meaning of his death.
He also has a sister who he would be concerned about. I've only spoken with his mother since the incident.
I'm a little bit off on the Cher/Mona Lisa thing. But I'll hold onto that.
Although he never called me "Mikey" he would sometimes blurt out Mike-eeeee.
Except for the hair color and the pet, I think you might have hit. I'll find out what he was wearing and anything I can about his boss. I will try to reach out to his sister and his girlfriend. Patty, again thank you. I don't know if you could make a "return" visit. If not keep up your method. I will eventually be attempting to do this myself, but it will take time.
Posted by Patty on September 20, 2001 at 11:03:19:

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You are most welcome.

THank you for talking with his mother. Losing a child can be very traumatizing. If you are able, check on her periodically through the next year, and use Steve's name when you ask how she is doing. You may not want to, out of concern for 'reminding' her, but her son's death will be on her mind all the time anyway - and when you say his name it will be for her, as though he has briefly been present in the room; and it will be so good for her to know that you are a safe place for her to talk openly about her son with. Of course, if you are unable to, that is completely understandable and okay. After my mom's death I had a very hard time calling my dad, because of my own grief.

I didn't have the sense that he called you 'Mike-ee " as a matter of course, but that he was looking for a name that you might recognize as one he uses. So I agree that may have been a hit. The Cher image was detached from anything so it is a mystery to me too. I hope that the clothes match, though if the hair didn't then the clothes might not. And the boss thing seemed symbolic more than literal, though again if it matches that would be great. I am relieved to learn that he has a sister, and that there might be a connection there with his concerns and that you hadn't been in touch with her.

I may try again - my sense is that my helper friend and this young man (presumably Steve) are completely willing to help out with this. My main problem is that my emotions are pretty high right now and I often can't get past the images that play in my mind, let alone get past any subconscious filters . It is frustating to phrase a question and wait for a reply only to get nothing but perceived silence. I guess I need to expand my awareness.



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As you develop your skills further, I begin to work on mine. I am encouraged by your attempt. Steve and I talked at length about life after death. I may be the most open person among his friends and family to accept what he has to say. I sent him a mental message that will give a both a clue. It's about his passion late in life. If you try again he should appear different. I already envision it.