Retrieval of oneself

Posted by Doug W. on September 19, 2001 at 14:49:43:

I am one tape 9 of Bruces workshop in Virginia. I did the exercise of retrieving a part of ones' self. May be someone can give me some insight of understanding what I got out of this.
I meet this 9 to 12 yr old boy outside what appears to be a castle. Everything around the castle is pitch black as if it was a void. Before me is two large wooden doors, with large torches lighting thier sides. I asked the boy should I go in. He then puts his hands on each of the doors and pushes them open with a sudden
thrust of force. Inside it is more like a fort. There is a big open area in the middle and the surrounding walls have rooms. I ask the boy where I should go. He tells me in my mind, " go where you feel you should go ". So I walk straight ahead into this building that appears to be a saloon. I see a bar, and chairs scattered about, and some over turned tables. I see nothing, so I continue into a room behind the bar. Here I find a kitchen very messy, and lots of cob webs. I look around, and again find nothing. The boy is no where in site. I think to myself what is here I need to see. I get this image of this person tied up behind the wall in front of me. The person or myself for this is the excercise is or appears to be unconcious or dead. I get the feeling of breaking down the wall, but I get this fear, if the person is dead thier is no hope of retrieving this part of me. My heart begins to race, and I am done. What would this person behind the wall mean, and why would this person be dead, or represent?

Thanks Doug