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Posted by Doug W. on September 21, 2001 at 15:38:46:

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Thanks Bruce for you input. I still have trouble with the imagination stuff. To be honest I think I have been spoiled in some ways. Ussually, and most of the time; when I have attended TMI I never had to put effort into visualizing to make that step into the great beyond. Now that I do not have the luxery I must learn to take the steps first, in this case my feet is my imagination. So on with it........... I did what you suggested. I replayed out the whole story as I previously posted. When I got to the wall where the body was tied up behind, I made to choice to break the wall down. I did this with my hands, and a pipe I found on the floor. It felt strange. As time went on the images where clearer, and sounds became audiable. Once enough of the wall was down I untied the arms and the body fell into my arms. I actually could feel some of the weight. I laid the body of a young man on the floor on his back. I sat beside him crossing my legs, wondering what am I to do. I figured I would try CPR. NO LUCK. I look up and asked, " what am I to do " Unexpectedly I find my self in this barrin plain of dirt and rock. It is night with trillion of stares lighting up the sky. Looking around me I see I am at the center of a circle etched into the ground. The make body is still infront of me, and I am still sitting. Taking a closer look at the face I realize that it is me as a teenager. To make this story clearer the the reason I didn't realize this before is I had forgotten how I looked at that age.( mid to late teens ) I was a very frail 6.3 ft person at a weight of 120lbs. Yes I had some problems back in those days long ago. After all this I got alittle choked up. Again I looked up into the sky, and asked what shall I do? I hear a voice in my head, " One journey ends, and another begins" Within seconds the sun breaks the horizon. I look down to look at the body and it is no longer thier. It felt like a part of me had died, and I was no longer that person. All I could feel was sadness, and remorse. I bet thier is no right or wrong. I do feel I have failed a part of myself. This person that died. Could he have beened saved?

Thanks again. Doug

: Doug,

: My congrats on your willingness to do that exercise. My take on it is that the first boy is the Helper, the one who guided you to the aspect of yourself. That the one you found tied up may have been this aspect of self, and that whether this aspect was "dead" or "alive" has no bearing on your ability to retrieve him. That once you found this aspect you could use the standard retrieval method to do so.

: For example, you could introduce yourself to the one who was tied up, and join into his reality. By that I mean play along with where he thinks he is. That you could ask questions to understand what this aspect believes happened, who he is, why he's there, etc. And that at some point you could introduce the Helper to this aspect of self. Once that introduction is made the Helper will perform the retrieval and you can follow them to see where they go and what they do. You can ask the Helper for assistance at any point in this exercise, as you did.

: In my view you can still retrieve this aspect of yourself using the exercise. Just place your intent to do so, remember the scenes of your previous experience as if you are in them again. When you get to the one tied up just perform the standard retrieval exercise.

: And in my view, even if you only pretend the entire thing, that aspect of self will be retrieved.

: >>What would this person behind the wall mean, and why would this person be dead, or represent?<<

: Those questions sound like excellant questions to ask the Helper during the experience.

: Let us know what happens.

: Love,

: Bruce