A Retrieval

Posted by Karen on September 21, 2001 at 22:35:14:

For several days I had had an image in my mindís eye of a woman alone in the darkness. Her face was twisted in pain and her eyes were wild with terror. Her mouth gaped open in a silent scream. She didnít understand or know what to do. Who was this woman? Could I help her?

I went to the Afterlife Knowledge chat room looking for my brother, Bruce. I knew he would help me. He wasnít there that night so I asked for help from the others in the room. I was told it was not the time nor the place for such things. I was about to give up when Featherwinn sent me a private message. I will help you, she said. Just tell me what to do.

This is a conversation between her and me on the night of Tuesday, September 17th, 2001

Featherwinn, just repeat in your heart what I say.

*Featherwin: Ok
*Featherwin: Ready

Janet/Judith! Can you hear us? I know you only see darkness around you.


There are people there to help you. Breathe slowly and calm yourself.

Look in the distance around you. You will see some people dressed in white. You can see the love on their faces.

They are there to help you. Feel the warmth of the light as it radiates from their badies.

Feel their loving arms around you. Rest in their arms

Let them hold the weight of your sorrows and fears. They are strong and all knowing. Trust them.

They will carry you to a great light. There, all your pain and fear will be dissolved.

Close your eyes and rest in the comfort of their arms as they slowly turn around and around letting the pain of this life fall away.

Breathe deeply in the new breath of life as you approach the light.

I can "see" her. She has her eyes closed and is in the arms of a helper.
Her body is relaxed

*Featherwin smiles

She is being lifted up out of the debris. Slowly the helper spins around and around as her fear and pain fall away. Others can be seen gathered in a circle around them. They send beams of light out through their bodys and bathe Janet/Judith in warm, bright love.

He is lifting her up, up through the smoke and haze of this life.

Her body is weightless in his arms. He shows no effort to carry her up.
The wide eyes and gaping mouth are now at rest.
I think she is on her way.

Every time I do this I get a headache

It takes alot of energy

*Featherwin: I feel good.

*Featherwin: Im rather drained too.

I feel relieved.

*Featherwin: Yes thatís the word.
*Featherwin: Thank you for allowing me to help.

Thank you!!! I needed another person to help me.

*Featherwin: I dont know if I did
*Featherwin: But ty

*Featherwin: Im crying

I could feel your participation.

*Featherwin: Maybe I did

*Featherwin: Hugs you

You did!!!

*Featherwin: Thank you

I can feel that she is released! She is gone from the site and on her way to the light.

*Featherwin: Amen

I can feel a swell in my heart- a joy!

*Featherwin: I feel a headache too.
*Featherwin: Umm, I was trying hard.
*Featherwin: Someday, I would like to know how she is.

It is the tremendous energy we exert in connecting with them.
I will ask Bruce to check on her.

*Featherwin: Yes
*Featherwin: Thank you

*Featherwin: My real nick is Featherwind
*Featherwin: I just did the winn tonight