more BST retrievals

Posted by Ginny on September 24, 2001 at 13:39:29:

Hi all,

In the afterlife, and once connecting with a Helper, I was told to fill myself up with PUL, which I did...and I got a sense we were going to the BST. As we started moving I could see in the distance what appeared to be a luminous arc and got that it was the BST... many worlds within it.

We were then inside this area, moving fast, and then we were above a street and a building with broken out windows. A woman was standing on the street with a club or thick stick in her left hand, screaming at others who were not in my line of sight. I saw or sensed streaks of colorful energy blasting out of her as she continued with her fear driven screaming. I got that she had been under some kind of attack from others, and was in the process of defending herself, yet again. The building behind her looked deserted or in ruins. I was told to send her PUL and watched as this seemed to throw her into a frozen state of bewilderment, and then I got a surprise. I was expecting that the Helper and I would then move down to her and continue to help, when a gold light suddenly surrounded her....and there was also a gold cord leading from her over to my right at some distance. And she was then just whisked away in that direction. I didn't have time to figure out what was going on because the Helper gave me loving encouragement to go with him to see what was going on with her. So we moved toward where she'd disappeared and I then could see her bathed in an intense, neon-like gold light. I sensed several Helpers around her. She seemed to be scared, in awe and getting a little emotional again...and she then communicated to the Helpers that she had had enough of it! She couldn't take it anymore....the fear and hatred and fighting. Where she had been living had been all about attack and revenge...attack and revenge. A Helper then asked her if her own hate and need for revenge had been literally helping to create the cycle she had been experiencing....and the look on her face was priceless: astonishmnet. She was open and realizing what was being said to her. I then accompanied the group to a place of green, lush countryside, trees.....and the Helper and I then left.

After a few moments we came to be inside a train station. I saw a bench so I sat down, looking around, seeing no one. A train was pulling in and came to a stop and a door opened....and the Helper encouraged me to board. As I walked down an aisle of empty seats I chose a front seat near the window, and it wasn't long before a large man sat next to me. He was heavy, in a suit, round face with protruding lips. He was just staring straight I introduced myself and got back the name "Bud". Silence. I asked him where he lived and he seemed impatient and a little sarcastic, as if I should know he lived in New York City. Silence (man, this guy was tough!). I asked what line of work he was in and I got--plastics...draftsman. Trying to keep the conversation going I told him I was an artist and he did ask what kind, and I told him. I then got an idea and told him I painted along the theme of life after death....and this got him to open up. He didn't believe in any kind of life after death. He felt such beliefs were silly. His father had been a minister..strict religious upbringing, and as an adult he had let go of all that silly thinking. I was then told to send him PUL, which seemed to make him suddenly sit up straighter. I sensed a lifting of depression from him...he just sat, blinking his eyes. The train was then slowing to a stop and I told him there were people out there who loved him. He was then standing outside the train, surrounded by others as well as what I barely perceieved to be two children hugging his legs. As I stood off to one side and sensed he was in a mild state of shock at meeting these people, I suddenly got a brief dose of the love or whatever was happening with him....and it was awesome. There was so much empathy for him. He had been so isolated, so lonely and depressed......but not anymore.

The Helper and I were then moving and I saw a man lying down, then suddenly sitting up and violently coughing. I then perceievd we were in an airplane (could feel or sense the steady humming one feels when flying). The man couldn't stand up and he didn't know why. As he remained sitting in the aisle between seats he knew something was wrong, that something had happened, but from there he was confused and in shock. I sent him PUL and told him some people were coming to help him. Two Helpers appeared dressed as medics and while they began helping him I just kept telling him he'd be okay, he was being taken to a place of healing. He calmed down and let the medics do their job .

I was then away from the scene and the Helper took my hands in his and I could feel energy move through and out of felt great. I had to ask....where had we been? The first retrieval was in the BST, the second and third were F23. I was also told that the woman in the BST had at one time lived in Ireland.

Thanks for listening and love to all,