retrieval of "Zed"

Posted by alysia on September 29, 2001 at 20:43:36:

thought I'd try a retrieval while wide awake instead of at nite where I never follow thru with the intention because I fall asleep too easy..

saw an old man walking and looking at the ground, he was real gruff talking, a real cutey though. I said "hey, you been here a long time, huh? how 'bout we go someplace else as you're not in a physical body, you know." the part about the physical body went unnoticed. and he said gruffly and impatiently "I gotta git that thar gold! again I repeated the part about him being a spirit now, so he took my hand and said but I'm solid as ever. and it did appear so. I called guides, ooh, GUIDES! 2 guides came but they wanted me to keep talking to Mr Gruff, as he still wasn't willing to take this dumb girl's word for it. so I said, yea, you look solid but watch this and I stuck my hand into his side and it came out his back. ha. then he was a little astounded. so much for the gentle touch. he told me I was a ghost and we debated briefly about which of us was a ghost. the guides started to move in closer and the name Zed came to me, and I hugged him and told him I loved him and for a minute, I did love him, and I told him to come away from this place for awhile, and if he wanted, he could return here later. then a guide put his arm around Zed and took him aside, in a conspiratory tone said "say Zed, I know where theres a good spot for panning gold...." last thing I saw was the interested look on Zed's face. the other guide was there for training purposes, I assume, as he or she just observed. the thing that's different about retrievals I do now as opposed to those done 2 months ago, is there's more compassion and Pul energy at work than before, it's real subtle changes going on, but noticeable.

blessing to all.