Retrieval in Afghanistan

Posted by TMIGrad on October 08, 2001 at 18:39:19:

Today I decided on the spur of the moment to try for a retrieval. I didn't lay down like I normally do and I didn't put on my black slumber shade that I normally do. I sat in a rocking chair with headphones on. It all happened so fast it was over with before I ever got to F27 (on the tape anyway).

I asked to be taken to someone who was killed since we started bombing. I was immediately with a woman in Afghanistan I assume. She had a scarf completely over her face. There was a man shouting at her and pushing her around. I stepped in and told her I'd take her someplace where there was Love. The man yelled at me "there has to be a debt exchange". I was so startled that my physical eyes flew open. I could still hear him with my eyes open, but closed them again. He kept yelling the same thing over and over. I asked her if she wanted to leave and she said yes and grabbed ahold of me. When we landed, it looked like an Afghani Reception Center. There were tents instead of buildings. People rushed out to her and she seemed to know them and was very emotional. I told her she could take her scarf off now and saw that she was very beautiful. I asked her name and she said Onna. Then I told her I had to leave and she didn't want me to so I told her I'd come back to see her again and that seemed to satisfy her. I hugged her and she left with the others and I left. I have been puzzling over the man's statement that there had to be a debt exchange. I guess he meant before she could leave. Since he saw me and talked to me, I think it was a BST but can't be certain.