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: : : Once I gathered energy and PUL into me and placed my intent to help someone in the BST, a Helper arrived, and after a short sensation of movement we arrived at what appeared to be a desolate area...barren, desert-like landscape, dark cloudy sky, tents. There was a military feel to the place as I was told to just observe a group of individuals rallying to a speaker or leader. This leader was extolling the virtues of warfare...trying to pump up the crowd, and he appeared to be having much success. All in the crowd of about one hundred increasingly raised their fists and rifles, shouting, desiring to fight and kill for what cause I couldn't ascertain.
: : : It wasn't long before a line of about twenty individuals suddenly came trudging out and before the crowd, their hands bound behind their backs, each tied to one another. The leader presented these people as the worthless ones...the ones who refused to fight, and it was obvious their desire to no longer participate in the beliefs there caused them to be paraded and punished. I focused in on one man who seemed so exhausted and deflated in spirit...and was waiting for a cue from the Helper when a strange thing happened. To my right, along the distant horizon, the sky and then everything in my field of vision grew to become a dull orange, as if an expanding glow momentarily engulfed everything. I asked the Helper what was going on and was lovingly told to wait and watch. The orange glow then disappeared and we were still at the military scene...and I got a sense that some kind of hydrogen or massive bomb and gone off (?--not sure).
: : : I then got the feeling it was time to help and as the Helper and I began moving toward the "worthless ones", the leader ordered them to form a circle and sit down, each facing outward. One man, dark hair and beard, was crying. Another was trying to explain to anyone who would listen that he couldn't do this anymore...he couldn't or wouldn't live anymore with the fighting and all it entailed. I sent him a blast of PUL and the next thing I saw was the rope binding his hands disappear and a Helper started moving away with him. I got the impression he was arabic. To the man crying I then sent PUL and the same thing happened to him, except two Helpers were then with him. It was then I noticed a group of golden human-like beings in the camp and I watched as they moved to the circle of men and began fanning out and around them. I strongly sensed they had a plan and the Helper and I then moved up and away from the scene. I grasped the Helper's offered hands, felt a soothing white energy move up and through me. I asked what the golden people/Helpers were all about and was told they had been working with individuals in this place and apparently some were ready to leave.

: : : Much love,

: : : Ginny

: : Hi Ginny,
: : Absolutely awesome retrievals. I did one last night and it made me take another look at yours as I think I may have been at the same place. Earlier last week I retrieved an Afghani woman by the name of Onna. Last night I went looking for the man who was pushing her around and who yelled "there must be a debt exchange" to me.

: : I found him sitting alone with his head in his hands, tears running down his face. I asked him what was wrong, and he looked up, saw it was me and asked me where Onna was. I told him she was in a loving place. I asked why he was crying and he said that a lot of his friends had been taken away by people like me and that he hadn't really wanted to kill and was grieving over the life he'd had and that he wished he could have another chance. I told him he could come with me and have another chance, one that would be filled with love. I asked him what he meant by the debt exchange. He said he 'owned' Onna and that he wanted what he paid for from her. But that he realized he was wrong. He asked if he could see Onna, so I told him I wasn't sure but I thought he possibly could. He kind of sheepishly got up and took my hand and we left. And I fell asleep so I assume I took him to the same place that I took Onna. I was planning on checking on her too. So I will go again sometime soon.

: : The whole scene felt like yours as you described it. How awesome if it was.

: : Love you,
: : Marilyn

: Oh Marilyn,

: This is fascinating, the similarities. Did you see this camp landscape when you were with Onna?And how cool of you to have returned for him! Her absence sent him into a belief system crash, big time. Perhaps I should go back to that camp and see if there are anymore ready to go.

: Love you,

: Ginny

When he said that a lot of his friends had been taken away by people like me, I thought 'WOW, that could be Ginny'. What I had seen before was a dusty desert type area with tents. Sounds so similar. ;-)
Love you,