second trip beyond F27

Posted by Ginny on October 16, 2001 at 12:38:16:

Woke up at 5:30AM and felt a real pull to return, so once I arrived at the circle and placed my intent to visit the same nonhuman intelligences, I found myself once again in that soft 3D blackness. No one seemed to be around and it felt okay to just hang out, wait. I could feel this from the Helper. I then had a thought that I was in the "wanting to SEE something" mode, so I switched and tried to be open to feeling more. I thought of the intelligence that my interpreter said was "like music"...and it was then I felt a presence ahead of me. It moved closer and to my right and all I sensed was a large dark mass. I waited, and then decided to let the image go, but it came back, could still feel its presence. I then sent it PUL, a neon-gold stream of it going from me to it....and I then sensed a burst of activity. I was hearing/sensing a clicking noise--this is so difficult to describe--I could feel movement, activity, clicking and other little noises mixed up in it. Then all went quiet.....and a white board or screen appeared in front of me, and at the top four letters appeared one after the other: LOVE. Below this word then appeared about five question marks. I kinda stared at the screen in amazement, waited, and then I sent a big boost. Clicking and activity started up again and I tried to focus on it, hoping to get some kind of understanding of what was going on or being said, and then these two words appeared on the screen: WE UNDERSTAND. It then felt as if a warmth was coming from this message...and the mass started moving away and the Helper indicated the meeting was over.

Not wanting my journey to be over with, I looked around and placed my intent to be with the white mass guys and the soft blackness began to fade away as millions of stars appeared. The doorway did appear to my left anyway so I zoomed through it and was once again in crystal clear space, stars. Noticed a bright star or sun way off that hadn't been there before and why I felt a need to focus on it I don't know. I then saw the white, round mass and moved to within feet of it(it towered over me)and was then aware of one white oblong shape near me. Never saw him (never got a gender so I'll use him) exit, he was just there suddenly. I could feel he remembered/knew me, felt a warmth from him, and we then had a conversation that I should probably break down for lack of writing space here.

***PUL: he/they understood the PUL I sent the other day. They understand feelings, intuitiveness. PUL is also a kind of energy conveyance they use to send/receieve information-- and I had the feeling it's used for a lot more than just that--. I was shown a long white band of energy and my interpreter said, "like a flat-bed trailer a truck pulls." Then wheels appeared underneath the energy band, I guess to indicate that PUL energy carries info etc.

***The ELS: I then turned toward the doorway I enter from and asked him if they had known anything about me prior to my visit two days ago. The answer was no, but they certainly knew things about me and the earth life system now. He said they understood the earth to be a physical location, meaning physical "mass"....and being in physical mass was something they were curious about, possibly contemplating experiencing. I then could feel a strong ambivalence from him about it...because it was slower, more focused than he or they were use to. It then seemed that the Helper and I simultaneously answered his feeling ( actually I think I was then following the Helper's answer)with "yes, being in physical mass is a slower experience, but there was much to be learned and experienced that is unique." He readily agreed with this and sent out more curiosity about it.

***The balloon: I then found myself floating up near the top of the white mass and could feel great energy and activity there, but couldn't gain an understanding of what was going on. Asked my interpreter to explain and still nothing. When I was back down at the base I suddenly found myself inside what appeared to be a spacious white ball. Lightly pressing my fingers next to the interior I felt softness, it was pliable. I could see my fingers pushing it outward as if it was elastic...and interpreter said, "balloon". I then looked down and saw the ball funnel downward to a narrow opening and I felt my interpreter was doing a fine job. Looked just like a balloon, only I was inside.

***The gift?: I was then outside again and back with---I'll now call him the balloon guy---and I then had a 3d image appear in front of me of a large round carton of ice cream. A large spoon was poised over the carton, holding a huge scoop of the darkest, richest chocolate ice cream I've ever seen. I immediately felt a twinge of, "Oh c'mon...why am I getting this?!", as well as me experiencing hunger sensations, complete with my mouth watering slightly (I love chocolate ice cream)! When the image faded I felt a happiness (?) coming from balloon guy, and a knowing that they did know things about me and the sensations I felt were a part of the way they're able to communicate. It also felt as if they saw this as a gift to me (?)....a kind of thank you (?).

***Creator: He then asked me something that blew me away. Had I or others like me discovered who had created all this? I wasn't expecting this at all and was dumbfounded, and my Helper immediately said, "Don't assume that a nonhuman intelligence knows it all. They are searching for answers just as you are." So I told him we were searching too and I think the Helper then went into movie projectionist mode, because a short, all encompassing visual image appeared, somehow showing our discovery of one disk, then going beyond to find the disk creator of the first disk, and on and on. I then saw another image (like a 10 second movie clip) of a disk in space, hoovering around earth, desiring to explore and experience the physical...the disk then sending parts of itself down. This was fascinating to the balloon guy and he asked how we separated ourselves. How was that done and what were the disk parts bringing back?

I then felt it was time to go and I really didn't want to leave and told my Helper this. But oh well, I was then in the soft blackness. The Helper gently grasped my arms and I could "see" a radiant smile in the gold light presence...and a bunch of love just swamped over me. We remained in this golden ball of joy, excitement, happiness for a few moments, and then I returned.

Much love,