3rd trip beyond F27

Posted by Ginny on October 18, 2001 at 09:29:25:

Hi All,

Yesterday I had decided to give beyond-focus-levels exploring a break and just wanted to offer my help in a retrieval, anywhere it was needed. Well maybe I should have been more specific (lol) and not assumed it would just be in F23 or the BST! The following is what happened and what was fascinating was that the entire journey was full of one "unexpected thing" after the other.

Once I did energy gathering breathing and filled up with PUL, I placed my intent to be with a Helper and be of assistance for anyone needing it, and as soon as I entered that blackness I got a clear message to go to the crystal circle. I kinda paused and wondered why but decided perhaps it could be of use in retrievals...and in bringing up the memory and feel of that place I was there quickly.

It was quiet there as usual, a mist rising outside the circle to meet a blue sky. In touching the crystal I initially found I noticed it was so smooth and looked around in wonder as to why all of them seemed almost too perfect, instead of being more like natural crystals. I was reminded they had been constructed--okay. I sat down at the base of this crystal and then saw a golden figure across the circle...moving toward me. After sitting down at the base of the crystal to my right, this Helper then smiled and I was able to perceive a female face, a serene feeling from her...and she reached out and took my hand. With that we both flattened our backs against the crystals.......and as I was preparing to just go with the flow, "2ndgathgroup" went through my mind--or was it a cue from her? I wondered what was going on, remembering Bruce suggesting I "put out a call to the 2ndgathgroup" in possibly assisting the white mass I had visited earlier.

Next thing I knew, as we held hands, I could feel the two of us moving up and we came to a stop in 3D blackness. As the Helper then slowly turned around, her right arm extended, she said this was the place to find openings, to perceive consciousness....and for me to take my time and just see if I could detect anything. So as I focused into the blackness I began rotating clockwise, thinking I would scan this area as best I could, and after about a 90 degree turn suddenly felt or sensed something. I went back to it and all I could get was a sense that something was there (I never "saw" anything, never got impressions--this is almost impossible to describe). As I remained focused on it nothing new came, so I let it go, asking for more understanding of what was off in the distance. I got more of whatever it was I could only sense but nothing else, so I let it go again and I then perceived something whitish that resembled a crescent appear, and was then gone...then a shape of a half moon that seemed to become a white opening popped into view and also disappeared. I let this go again, asking for better understanding, and then I saw fuzzy, dull white figures begin to appear, at about what felt like thirty feet away from me...and I then felt I was inside a huge, dome-like structure as more of these individuals were coming into view behind and expanding beyond the first. In looking up I could see supporting beams, or lattice-like structure up at the curving ceiling...lots of light, everything white.

When I focused on the group they seemed to be waiting, expectant.....and the thought came to me (from them? from the Helper?)that perhaps this was the 2ndgathgroup.....and my focus went all screwy because I found this difficult to believe. I felt the Helper's encouragement to continue and when I could see these guys again I asked if they were the group that met Bruce Moen in the PUL exchange. I then felt their attention move from me, to each other, and the only way I can explain what then happened was it seemed they were having a "discussion". Never received anything from this discussion but it was obvious when they were done because I could feel their attention return to me. What I then got was that they had not actually been there during that exchange, but they had received what had been shared and had definitely been a part of it. The Helper then sent me a reminder about the white mass, so I proceeded to explain this intelligence I met earlier, to this group, simultaneously "seeing" the initial three figures outside the white mass, then meeting with the single individual and the short "movies" we had watched, and that this mass was thinking of participating in the ELS. I don't know how the h*ll that happened but it felt as if I was locked into this group's way of communicating somehow. I asked if they could possibly help this intelligence. Once again I could feel their attention turn away from me as they "discussed" this, and for a split second I could sense their attention or some kind of activity move rapidly to the back of the group and then throughout. I then got that they were familiar with the white mass, and that this intelligence was one of many that received the PUL they also initially received. It was not their policy to impinge their will on others but if white mass needed their assistance they'd be glad to help in any way. Once again I was having difficulty accepting all this and my focus got hazy and tried to go anywhere but this group, but I never lost the contact with them! When they came back into view again, expectant and calm as usual, I communicated that I wasn't even sure if the white mass SHOULD experience the ELS...and along with that opinion I somehow sent my own feelings about the consequences of separation, feeling lost and isolated etc. The group then seemed to collectively pause, absorbing my opinion I guess...and then I began to feel something build up, from them to me....and it washed over me and into me like a wave. It was incredible "understanding and sympathy", for me ( I actually got the word empathy but this confused me---I mean how could they "know"?)......and I began to feel a welling up of more of what I guess I had still been carrying around within: sorrow associated with all those years of feeling isolated, confused, lost. My physical eyes teared up as I tried to keep my composure, but this sorrow was right there. I then got from them that the ELS was a place of absolute wonder, a place where PUL was expanding, growing. The ELS was a profound experience of the first degree and if the white mass wanted to explore it, it would be a great thing. I then received an image of a curving white band which moved to form a circle, and was told that in the case of the white mass, because of the initial receiving of PUL, that perhaps they had "come full circle" (?).

I have no memory of ever saying goodbye to this group, perhaps because of the emotions I was then experiencing, but the Helper then took my hands and told me they had actually done me a favor. Their love had helped to bring up "old stuff" I was still harboring, and now was a good time to let it all go. I remembered the idea of releasing the energy of others into white balls and three of them moved into position above....and I let it all go, watching gray colored "stuff" just go up to these balls and take it all away. I took note of a feeling of tension just leaving and a really nice relaxation came over me...and I then just wanted to start laughing. This was NICE. I then asked the Helper if the white mass needed our help, could we go to them?....and got that they may not be where I had initially met them, that it/they would be fine. And with that she began moving away and I returned home.

Thanks and much love,