another trip beyond and Focus 23

Posted by Ginny on October 23, 2001 at 16:05:44:

Hi everybody,

After arriving at the crystal circle, meeting with a Helper and placing my intent to visit more nonhuman intelligences (and to hopefully remember and ask questions), we moved to the familiar 3D blackness and the Helper told me to take awhile and get a "feel" for the place. In doing so I would be able to just go directly there at anytime. I did this, and then began focusing around me, wondering if anyone was around...and off in the distance was what appeared to be a white ball, its surface undulating with pearl white and pastel colors (best way to describe the colors is what gasoline looks like when spilled on smooth water?..but they were moving, blending with each other). The image became fuzzy so I let it go, asking for better understanding of what I was seeing...and I was then closer to the ball, the image clearer. I sent out a mental "hello" and got nothing back. It didn't feel as if my presence was noticed, or of interest. What looked like a white structure then sort of materialized below it.....some kind of opening was then just there...and several small white balls exited the large one, gathering below it. I then watched these smaller balls zoom off to my right and the opening and supporting (?) structure were just not there. This large ball then moved up and away.

I expressed to the helper a desire to communicate with an intelligence--or at least meet up with one that wanted to communicate with me....and it wasn't long before I saw what appeared to be a group of white-gold, tall, thin shapes off to my right and ahead. We moved closer and they were above me and what felt like maybe 20 feet away...quite tall, thin white shapes, perhaps 10? 20? of them bunched together... and at one point I could see gold around each one. I picked up on some kind of clear barrier around them and wondered if they were concerned about being in my presence? I could feel they were aware of me and I got a friendly feeling from them, so thought I'd send a little PUL gift to at least let them know where I was coming from. I saw the white energy/PUL meet this barrier and follow it around this group...and then I distinctly perceived a smile from them.

I remembered to ask questions, so the first was, where were they from? I got an image of either a band of fuzzy energy or consciousness?...moving up and out into space and stars, as well as a feeling it was quite a distance away. I asked if they were a projection of themselves, meaning were they merely projecting a small part of themselves...their true or fuller essence back at their home base? I got they were in both locations, just as real here as they were there. Were they doing what I and others were learning to do (projecting, shifting focused consciousness)? In a way, yes. I asked why they were here and got they were assisting, observing. Asked them what they were assisting...and got, to help others learn how to connect with other life forms. Were they assisting me and many others in making this connection?....and they said everyone and anyone who desired. I then asked if they were aware of what was going on with the ELS, meaning Earth changes, the Earth coming into alignment with PUL...and I was then viewing an all encompassing image of a colorful Earth at a distance in space, followed by a screaming newborn baby...and the two seemed to merge into one another. This confused me so I asked if this meant Earth and humans were going through some kind or rebirth? They were communicating more along the lines of the cyclic nature of the ELS, and that the ELS was a physical experience. Had they ever experienced being in the physical? I got a no...but then it felt as if they were somehow aware of a certain kind of physical experience, but not the ELS.

This group then started floating up and to my left, swinging gently back and forth, and I asked why they were doing this. It wasn't was me! My lack of focus was causing this and I realized they were right: I had been thinking how I would write this, if I'd remember all of it, thinking of my next question. So I concentrated on not thinking, focusing in on them again, and they remained stationary. It was then they communicated that the "barrier" around them, I had perceived earlier, was not because OF was FOR me.....that their energy without the "barrier" would be too much for me to handle! Whoa!

The Helper then said for me to get a good "feel" for this group, to be able to return whenever I wanted...and I just did that..."seeing" them and reaching out to just "feel" the place, the group.

I sent a brief feeling of gratitude to the group as I sensed the meeting was over, and as the Helper and I began moving away I asked if I could help anyone in the BST or Focus 23. We were then moving rapidly through the soft blackness, and I was then standing in front of a house that appeared to have been built in the 40's, 50's. I sensed someone crying inside and moved to the front door, which was slightly ajar. I moved into a large room, dull furnishings, sending out a "hello"....and sensed the person was to my left in the livingroom. I saw an elderly woman in a chair by a bay window, severly crippled or disfigured, crying. I asked if I could help her and she paused and then started crying again. I felt deep depression from pain, being so alone. Her TV was on, a snowy white image of some program. I could feel her becoming more distraught so I gathered up and sent her PUL, and this calmed her and actually seemed to make her more alert of her surroundings, asking me where everyone was. Why was no one visiting? I knelt down in front of her, took her hand and asked if she'd like to go to a place where she'd have companionship, things to do, happiness opposed to this isolation. I said I had someone here with me who could take her, now, and the Helper walked into the livingroom smiling. She wondered if she could be involved in her hobbies again---I picked up on needlework, plants--and said of course. She then asked where her daughter was and I got "Sissy....we called her Sissy". I told her perhaps we'd be able to find her and with that the Helper and I helped her out of her chair and escorted her away.
And then I returned home.

Much love,