middle east retrieval

< Posted by alysia on October 25, 2001 at 22:13:10:

placed an intent using the idea as Bruces puts it, that it's Ok to run up against beliefs that I don't have myself. was having trouble getting there, and a guide said let your imagination help you, it's OK. so I was looking at a guy laying in the dirt road and all these horse hooves pounding above him and somebody told me he was a taliban defector, but was trying to hold both beliefs at the same time, in other words, he was in conflict, and opened his mouth about it and got killed. I didn't want to see this scene so I was pushing it out but it was still there when I looked again, so I said I would go ahead and get him out of there. I pulled him away from the hooves (these were fleeing men on horses with those white scarves they wear around the face) I saw a sloping ravine and wanted to take him there but he was too broken up, and 'bout this time a guide told me to change into the appropriate costume before he opened his eyes. I became a strong looking male as I hoisted him on the horse. then we were in the ravine sitting on the ground and I was thinking how to say to him he was dead. so I just said "it is time to move on, Allah wants to talk with you." I said this about 3 times, then he got a shocked look on his face and made this incredible sound came out of him like shock, fear and grief. this sound he made shocked me right back into my body and something told me this was real and I had to go back fast. so I went back almost immediately and he jumped up and ran back to his shell and jumped in! I think the helpers were telling me to be patient so I stood there and waited and when he couldn't make his body come back alive he came away. I introduced him to the helper who looked just the way I was appearing only had an air of authority that I don't. I was naive here to think he would want to talk to Allah as I see now he was carrying some guilt about not being a "good" taliban soldier and going to his death. but before he could desert, he somehow got himself killed by other soldiers of his own kind. blessings to all.