A purgatory in the BST

Posted by Ginny on October 27, 2001 at 16:25:20:

The Helper and I came through what looked like fog to a town, buildings low, appearing old. We then entered a large auditorium and I wondered if I was back at the "theatre of hate" I had earlier visited but was told no. There was a heavy feeling to the place as we moved along a wide aisle in the back, noticing a speaker down below talking to a packed crowd. Several people were standing along the back wall as we moved along and finally came to a stop. I noticed a side exit door and was told to go through it, which I did, and was met with nothing but whiteness...so I returned to the auditorium, confused. The Helper said to go through it again and this time I saw more of the town. As I floated up and over the tree lined streets I was then moving into a jail, made of stone. A man was sitting inside a cell, surrounded by stone walls and a window with bars.

As I entered the cell, sitting away from him a little, I asked him why he was here. He didn't answer at first, glancing at me. I felt a depression from him. I could then feel that he had decided it was all right to talk with me and he revealed that he and his wife had not been good "citizens", and therefore, she had been "cast out" with their two children. The time for him to meet his fate at the hands of those in charge was coming soon. I could feel that he had loved his family very much, and I asked if love had been their downfall. No...it had more to do with he and his wife choosing to no longer support the society they'd lived in. They no longer wanted to do whatever it was that kept them in good standing.

At this point I was confused about where I was and asked if this society had a name. He didn't answer...and I didn't receive anything from the Helper. I asked why he had chosen to be here in the first place...and still no answer. He was hesitant and I don't know why. He communicated again that he was resigned to his fate and just wanted to be with his family, even if it meant going to hell.

A tall man then entered the cell wearing long black robes. He sat in front of the him and once again explained what would inevitably happen to him--George-- if he refused to change or follow the rules. The rules dictated that those who were "good" went to heaven. Those who were bad went to hell...and George was most certainly heading for their hell. The word "purgatory" came to me as he hounded George with a few questions I couldn't get a perception of, and he then left.

I told George there was certainly more than heaven and hell beyond this society's borders, and I briefly described what awaited him if he wanted to go. He listened but then we were interrupted again with several, black robed men entering the cell and marching him away. I followed them back to the auditorium and watched as George was placed on the stage for all to see. The speaker began explaining to the crowd why it was necessary that some had to leave their world, and George just stood there, head hanging low, not caring about anything anymore. The Helper, on my right, took my hand...and another Helper arrived on my left also taking my hand...and we moved closer to the stage. Ignoring the speaker we moved to George, and a gold light around the three of us then moved out and also wrapped itself around him, like a protective blanket...and we were all then experiencing PUL. He looked at us, didn't look away, and I could feel his depressed state begin to leave him. I could then sense the Helpers were communicating important information to him (it was done at a much faster pace than I ever could have) and George's face brightened. I then saw the beginning of a smile as wonderment seemed to fill his eyes.

The next thing I knew I was in blackness with the Helper and we were off to another place, away from the BST.

Much love to all,