Partnered Exploration valadation

Posted by Deborah on October 27, 2001 at 19:17:15:


I thought I would share my partnered exploration with you guys..since many of you are in to this type of stuff. It was really cool.

I met this really nice CHP officer that of all things is interested in spiritual stuff and expanding consciousness. My friends in Moscow introduced us..and we live only one hour apart. (Long Story)

We had dinner, and talked..while eating suddenly I am aware of two spirits with him. I know his dad died a few years back, and I am thinking OK one of them is probably his dad. Then they introduce themselves as Bill and Bob. Takes me while to get up the courage to ask him what his dads name was. He smiles and says - William, but everyone called him Bill.

So then I smile and say - OK then who is Bob...he Uncle died a few years back too. Now I didn't take it any farther than that I really don't know him that well, but my impression of Bob is that he seems to want Todd to know that he is not that bad a guy.

Suddenly Todd (CHP officers name) says.."Bob was not such a good guy." All I could say was...."awe -- couldn't be that bad."

He wanted to do a partnered exploration after I saw his father and uncle with him at dinner. So we did - I felt Todd trying to reach out to me through his heart...but not knowing he projected reaching out his hand to hold mine. I felt it! And after the meditation I told him that I felt him do that. He confirmed it --- His eyes got all big like "WOW" that's cool...nodded his head like OK a little validation.

I told him of flashes I got of different life times of his -- but felt in the meditation that they were not important to him yet -- instead my focus was drawn to when he was a little boy-- him and his brothers built a lot of tents in their bedroom playing Knight and shining armor...with swords specifically. Again his eyes got big and said well..yaaaaaaaaaaaaa we did that a LOT!

I became very aware of his uncle Bob in the meditation-Uncle Bob showed me things I won't type here..way too much into sex and alcohol. I told Todd... he confirmed it. His handle as a truck driver was Frenchkisser -- I had no idea until the meditation why Todd saw Uncle Bob as bad.

Then I told Todd I saw him in front of a building, possibily his house a few years back -chopping wood -white washed wood. Again a YUP.."that was my house in the mountains before I moved here -- I use to chop a lot of wood".

By now he's thinking what the hell did she hear me think! LOLOL Poor guy.

Here's the clincher -- Bill..Todd's father made his presence known to me by merging with me first! Then he showed me his funeral, with Todd standing over the casket...and Bill's spirit body standing behind him. Todd was distraught - confused why his Dad hadn't kept his promise to say good-bye. (Which Todd had told me about at dinner) Bill had his hand on Todd's shoulder and repeated several times "I am saying good-bye to you now..." Todd couldn't hear him.

Then Bill told me to tell Todd.."I kept my promise..I've said good-bye to him..but he's never said GOOD BYE to me." Then he wanted me to promise I would tell him that.

I told him I needed validation for Todd..for him to believe me; I mean Todd did already tell me about the promise. Suddenly a woman appeared with Bill, it looked like she was in the 1940's - Her name was MARGARET. I had no idea in the meditation who she was, but assumed that Margaret was my validation for Todd.

Afterward..I told Todd what his dad had said to me...a wave of realization came over him BUT -- the clincher? Was Margaret. I asked him who Margaret was ---she was his dad's (Bill's) mother ---- I saw her with him and described her to him to a "T." Needless to say - Todd was excited, even blown away and cannot wait to do it again. LOLOLOL

Todd was amazed at his own experience too-- by the passing of felt like ten minutes to him..not an hour..that had never happened for him before, a definite altered state of awareness. He successfully reached out to me and I felt it! He tried to find his father during the meditation..but he could not hear I guess... I did.

Just thought I would share.