retrieving is never boring

Posted by Ginny on November 03, 2001 at 08:40:43:

Hi Everyone,

A Helper and I came to a grassy area where several old cars were piled next to each other, and the word "junkyard" came through clearly. As I moved closer and noticed one car on its side, stripped of everything except the shell, I picked up on some kind of melodic something and then got "harmonica". I felt myself lose focus for a second but I brought it back and then saw large letters, in caps, casually floating from my right to left...superimposed over the grass: MUSIC....but the letters were upside down (LOL!!!)

As I moved over to where I sensed the music was coming from I saw a man perhaps in his 50's sitting in the car shell. He was short, lean, wearing casual clothing. I got "hobo" very clearly. I offered a hello and he stopped playing his harmonica, staring at me. I felt intelligence in his eyes...and got a feeling of a practical joker as well. He stood and quite animately started saying several things in a language I couldn't understand. He took a few steps toward me just continuing with statements I had no clue how to interpret. When he sat back down communication seemed to open up on a nonverbal level...a knowing sense, back and forth...and in asking him what he was doing here I got that he was just waiting. I then asked him if he'd like to go to a place where there was great food, hot showers, coffee (coffee he seemed interested in). He then asked me if I was an angel. Why I next did this I don't know, but I looked over my right shoulder to see if I had a pair of wings. Didn't see anything so I said no....and I followed up with asking him if he meant a biblical angel? He smiled at me and said no. He knew I wasn't an angel...but because he had been talking with "many others" for a long time (?!), yes, he'd go with me.

As we started moving away from the junkyard I saw two golden humanoid figures off in the distance, one waving a greeting to the man. As they approached him and before we said goodbye, he turned, smiling, and said the language he had thrown at me had been a test to see if I would understand him. It had been important to him right away to know if I understood it....and because I had not I had apparently passed the test. There had been so many curve balls in this retrieval that I just nodded back, a bit confused. He then asked if a certain woman was or had been to this place he was about to journey to, and he pronounced her name, twice, once again in this language I couldn't understand. All I could do was send him a knowing reassurance that the Helpers would look into that..and he seemed satisfied. He then left with the two Helpers and I just sort of floated there, wondering whether I was in F23 or the BST or what. Who were the "many others" he had been conversing with? I then realized I had completely forgotten to ask his name, any information on him. Old habits!

Love to you all,