Another trip beyond

Posted by Ginny on November 04, 2001 at 09:12:49:

Hi everyone,

After gathering energy and preparing to fill up with PUL I suddenly had the thought to use heart intelligence before taking off...and for a moment I wondered if it would enable me to make a better connection with those I wanted to visit. So, I did this and when I was ready I placed my intent to be at the crystal circle.

I then found myself sitting in front of the crystal I have always preferred, and across the circle I saw a grayish area enlarge and a golden figure appeared and moved toward me. This Helper sat next to me, taking my right hand and I could feel we were going places. I did have one question though and asked if it was necessary for me to always arrive at this circle prior to journeying out ( and it was fun to see a Helper momentarily deal with an "unexpected" issue---lol!). I got back that when I first created my little park in F27, because of my initial uncertainties, I had needed a place that looked and felt like the physical...for comfort and a sense of stability. As I was told some months ago I no longer needed that park (others are using it now)and that this circle now served as a kind of launch pad and I could use it as often as I desired...and that it wasn't always necessary. Okay dokay.

We flattened our backs against the crystals, I placed my intent to visit the tall beings I had met earlier, and I was then floating in soft blackness. Nothing was happening and I began to wonder if I'd somehow misdirected things when I saw them off in the distance, moving toward me. The same bunch of tall, thin, light beings crowded together behind that screen that oscillated or seemed to be almost liquidy. I could feel they knew who I was as a sense of friendly warmth came to me and I expressed the same back. I let them know I had some questions and would this be all right?...and got a sense it was.....and then I went blank! Couldn't remember a thing. I asked for one moment please and turned my focus inward, scrambling to recall...and the questions came. As I returned my focus to them I watched as each being then began to fan out or line up side by side, behind the screen, patiently waiting.

Q----at our last meeting you said you assist others in making contact with other life do you do this?

A----they travel a lot, remain open to anyone seeking or resonating with what they have to offer. They came in contact with me because I asked for it.
Q----why do you do this?

A----there was a pause and I got back, "Why not?"

Q---- their answer surprised me, felt as if I was playing a game of dodge ball, so I asked if they could expound on this (lol)?

A----a long time ago they had been very isolated. I then had an image in front of me of a large white ball or planet (?), in what felt like deep, black space. They had not shared or been learning because they didn't know what that was. Then along came someone/something and "touched" them...and I saw a white band of energy (?) making contact with them. From that point on they began exchanging, learning (from a growing curiosity?)and to this day they continue making contact themselves.

Q----were they interested in my physical/nonphysical existence in the ELS?<
br>A----I got back a feeling of "well, sort of...more of the energetic qualities of the experience than the physical."

Q----were they here because of the evolving earth alignment with PUL? ...was it an attraction for them?

A----some of it was but I also got that it wasn't a big ticket item...!

At this point I was beginning to think I was either asking stupid questions, or we were going in a direction they didn't find too interesting. I was also concerned about remembering all this and saw a Helper then approach me. I turned away from the crowd and the Helper said to do a review of the Q&As so far, which I did, running everything through my mind, and he/she then touched my forehead letting me know not to worry....I'd remember. I then turned back to the crowd feeling stronger.

Q----in our last meeting they said they had never experienced physical mass, only to recant and say they had experienced a less dense form of mass.....what did they mean by that?

A---I then could feel something happening with them...saw a fuzzy whitish band of something move out from where they were....had no idea what this meant so I let the image go, asking for better understanding...and a white cone was suddenly between us, swirling like a small dust devil, spiraling upward. I watched this in amazement but still had no clue what was going on, so I let the image go again, asking for understanding....and I was then flying up to the top of this spiraling whatever, watched the opening narrow as it continued moving up. I was back down in a second and just a few feet from it now. It was swirling clock and counter clockwise simultaneously, predominately white and gold with thin bands or twinkling points of other colors. It gave off a warm golden light and for a moment I could have sworn I saw a floor as the light was creating shadows. The thought came to me that this was their idea of less dense mass, or matter (?).

I then felt encouragement to move closer and touch it. I looked over at them with a "What?"....hesitating big time. I felt a friendly feeling to touch it come at me I placed my left hand on it, into it, and although I couldn't see my hand I could feel my fingers...yet they felt as if they were without weight. I pulled my hand out, looking at them with wonder and confusion. Felt encouragement to do it again so I placed my right hand in and experienced the same sensations. I wiggled my fingers, could feel them attached and being normal fingers, yet at the same time it felt as if I didn't have a hand. I retrieved my hand, looking at it, wondering how this could be, and felt the thought to now just walk into it. Staring at this swirling light I just thought, "Oh why not!"...and stepped into it.

I was surrounded by a grainy goldness and felt weightless. It was a state of suspension of some kind and I seemed to be in more of a sitting position than upright--like sitting in an easy chair--! It then felt as if I were moving up and I could then feel a presence in front of me and had a feeling it was one of the tall beings (?). It was odd because the swirling upward tunnel from the outside appeared to be no more than a few feet across, yet inside it had much greater depth. The presence seemed to be at a distance of say maybe ten feet. I then saw a white thin band of energy/light leave this being's center and touch the center of my chest. Something very soft swept over my head, down and around and through me. It was very pleasant, kind of soothing. I asked if they were healers--to try to understand what was happening--and it felt as if the Helper answered with, "They have no understanding of your question. What they are doing is just a part of their nature. They wouldn't understand the concept of not wanting whatever it is they are doing..."--( this is the only way I have of explaining what I was told. It felt as if they were aware of physical or nonphysical things that needed to be corrected?). I then was moving slowly up again, the presence still with me, and was then told to look behind me. An image?---were we at the top of the tunnel opening?---of deep space and stars everywhere...and a white light suddenly expanded and fanned out, remaining stationary. Then an image of a gardenia was moving toward me, very real looking with its small dark green leaves....and I leaned forward to smell its scent. Couldn't get it so tried again without success (lol....geeeez). This bugged me and as I tried to recall the wonderful scent of gardenias it began moving away, rotating slowly at first, picking up speed, until it looked like another star. I then received that the stars and gardenias were made from the same stuff, created from the same source, each no better or lesser...each unique.

I was then moving down, so relaxed and watching the swirling light show...and as I walked out and saw the crowd I could feel our meeting was coming to a close. I felt so light and thrilled at the ride they had given me so I tried to build up PUL--and don't know why but struggled with it--and was able to send a little bit to them, watching as it reached their screen and spread out. Saw/felt a warm white something come back to me, filling my vision with a quick blast.

I had to ask one more question and wanted to know what their understanding of PUL was. I waited and then had a very clear, closeup image of dry, barren, sandy soil...and watched as water began washing over its surface, filling crevices, moving onward and spreading out....and I could feel that this water was bringing life. PUL brought life, "awareness" things growing, changing. The Helper said they may not understand what PUL is....but they understood its outcome.

I then saw the crowd moving away into blackness and I just floated for awhile, feeling so relaxed. Finally wondered if the Helper was still around and two appeared. I asked them what had happened in the tunnel and they said just enjoy it, accept it. It was okay. We then did another review of the Q&As and all that had happened and when my focus was back in the physical it took me ten minutes to finally move my fingers, then toes. Not that I couldn't, I just didn't want to. I was in a state of such relaxation---not the feeling of wanting to fall asleep....just so centered and at peace.

In thinking back on their almost disinterest in most of the questions I had asked, it occurred to me that perhaps their way if direct communication was "experiencing them"...instead of conducting interviews?

I plan to go back!

Thanks and love to everyone,