Nov.12.: two retrieval attempts

Posted by gordon phinn on November 12, 2001 at 16:41:40:

Hello friends, I heard the news about the plane crash in NY about 9:15 am, but only got a chance to retrieve around !:00pm est. At first I got a "your services aren't really needed" message, but couldn't believe it. As Rebecca said to Bruce "Trust is always the first issue". Well I didn't trust myself, but it didn't do any good to push on as I fell asleep after losing focus a couple of times.

Tonight at 6:15pm est I tried again and seemed to be shown a grieving woman in the ruins of a house. She was very upset and I tried to comfort her. I thought she said her name was Shirley, but I'm not sure. In our brief conversation she said "My house just exploded". I got the feeling she didn't even know about the plane or all the other "victims", but she was worried about her two sons who seemed to have left the house shortly before it exploded, either to go to school or on some errand. I told her we could meet up with them again, but thought to myself "how am I going to swing that if they're alive?". Just then they appeared, and of course, a very emotional reunion occured. One of them seemed to be called Tom. They seemed to be about 9 to 12 years old, and I thought they must've been hit in the street somehow. I offered to take them to the afterlife and we wound up in the Park. Somebody said "this isn't the afterlife it's just a park!" and I was busy explaining things when a helper/greeter showed up to take over.

From the "news" I've heard so far, not that many were "hit" on the ground, so it shouldn't be too hard to track this one as a "hit" or a "miss". I should also mention that my second attempt seemed to be "going backwards in time" somehow, although I don't know how or why I got this notion.

Yours a bit puzzled:
gordon phinn