Posted by Ginny on November 14, 2001 at 16:58:12:

Hi to everyone,

After gathering energy and making use of heart intelligence, and placing my intent to help in a retrieval, a Helper and I then were in 3D blackness...and I saw a train rushing below us, heading off to my left. When it had passed I saw what appeared to be an older, country train station...and we then floated over it and down into what was a small lobby or passenger waiting area. Standing a few feet from the ticket window, I saw a tall, middleage, heavy-set man behind this ticket desk, apparently preoccupied with his duties as he didn't seem to be aware of me. For some reason I was puzzled over why this man was here, but the Helper encouraged me to introduce myself, letting me know I would know what to say. So I walked up and said hello. He glanced my way and said nothing. Maybe I should buy a ticket?....and for some reason Bugs Bunny came to me...always tunneling for Albuquerque. I asked how much a ticket to Albuquerque was and he mumbled back forty something dollars. I then asked him about New York. He then stopped what he was doing and began looking for a price to answer my question, and it was then I took the opportunity to mention that no one else was around. He looked around the station and took a long pause, as if this was something he hadn't noticed before. I asked him if he ever got lonely, working here like this. As he was absorbing this the word "mother" came through clearly. I then asked if he'd like to go with me to a place where there were others, where he could visit for awhile, and then the look on his face made me turn around. His mother was walking towards him, surrounded in a soft gold light, smiling at him. I sensed it was a Helper...but ya never know. Taking his hand, telling him she wanted him to leave with her, he worried back about leaving his job, and her attitude then made me smile. She told him to basically shove the job, not to worry....there were new places for him to be in. They left and I remained there for a few moments, wondering why he was stuck here...and got back suicide. Swallowed pills and hanged himself during a depression after his mother had passed.

As I felt this scene returning to blackness I then placed my intent to help in a retrieval, if needed, regarding the American Airline flight that crashed in Queens recently. And I then got the name of a professor I helped retrieve back in April, May of this year and dismissed it as my mind wandering. I continued waiting to see if help was needed with the crash and his name came to me again, Harry Cheevers...which I let go of again! I even said sorry to the Helper...that my focus was in and out, but that I was ready now.

Suddenly I perceived clearly the word "Terrorists! Terrorists!", repeated frantically as I then felt a momentary chaotic, jumbled field of energy...lots of fear and panicky emotions. I got a brief impression of myself sitting in a seat on a plane and that the passengers thought they were victims of a terrorist attack. It then felt as if the plane was heading downward---like a roller coaster ride that has crested only to begin its ever increasing descent. With all the chaos I made the decision to back out of this scene, feeling I needed to release some of the emotion before going any further. It had all hit me so fast and furious. I took in slow deep breaths and saw a white ball come to me, and I released what wasn't mine into it. In the blackness I then saw the face of an elderly woman, perhaps in her 60's, 70's. She was buckled into an airplane seat and consumed with grief. I tried to get her attention but she was understandably preoccupied with what was happening. She then was either trying to scoot herself down in the seat or was being forced down due to the plane rapidly descending?...and I was able to then reach out and take her hands, get her to be aware of me by telling her it was all was going to be all right. I then felt myself transform or change somehow. I don't know what happened but it was something I could feel, and the look on her face verified the change was to her benefit. I then felt compelled to tell her she "could go home now"...and repeated this again. Home meant heaven to her and she started crying, saying she wanted to be with Jesus. The area filled with light as I helped her up and watched as she left with two individuals into a rich, golden light tunnel.

As blackness then reappeared, thinking my time here was over for the day, the name Harry Cheevers came through! At a loss as to what was happening, what this meant, I just opened up my awareness all around me....and I couldn't believe what I was then seeing. Harry Cheevers was standing there, in front of me, smiling, looking much as he had when I had initially helped him leave his classroom where he taught philosophy and mathematics! I didn't have time to doubt his presence as I then "saw" him, as he had been in Focus 23, lecturing with enthusiasm....wanting so much for his students to feel the passion of being thinkers. Only problem back then had been there had been no students in the classroom....something he had just not taken notice of. He had been an ardent nonbeliever in anything beyond science. When the physical body died, an individual then ceased to exist. When I could see Harry again I got a "thank you" from him, and then I saw/felt something whitish actually come at me, and it was some of the warmest love/gratitude I've experienced in a long time. It just engulfed me and I choked up with tears. He then moved toward me and embraced me, saying thanks again for helping him! He was fine, learning to help others. He then excitedly communicated that perhaps that old "thought form", the classroom where a Helper and I had found him, would be used in order for him to help others with similiar them to get unstuck. Oh wow!---that was wonderful to hear. I felt such joy and sent that to him. I sensed he then had to go and the meeting was over.

I kinda stayed where I was for a few minutes, getting myself together and feeling so blown away and floaty. Up to this point it had never entered my mind that such a meeting, or reunion, could take place. But in thinking back......why not?

Much love,


Reponse to Ginny by Bruce: Ginny,

Sounds like you are discovering one of the interesting "side benefits" of retrieval work. Harry's contact in your experience is similar to my experience of "post retrieval contacts" with folks. Some of them, after adjusting to their new existence in the Afterlife decide to become Helpers in retrievals. And some of them chose to work with the person who retrieved them. It's like we make new friends and form relationships with these folks and work together.

Each friend we make There sort of adds to a team of Helpers we can work with, each having strengths in certain areas. When we encounter someone who is stuck, sometimes one of our new friends is just the right person to approach them as the Helper in the retrieval. And talk about a win-win situation!

When I finally leave this physical world I half expect to be greeted by a crowd of Helpers I work with now in retrievals. Seems like we can make friends in any reality.