Partially verified retrieval

Posted by Dora on November 14, 2001 at 20:55:48:

Hi to all,

After the recent plan crash I placed my intent to help anyone who might need it. Although my intent to go to the crash site, Helpers took me to the most unexpected place.

After going to the usual blackness I find my self in a busy street with many small shops around.

....little background about the person who is involved.

For 12 years I worked as a manager and waitress in LA in a Hungarian restaurant. The owner was a trully old fashioned grumpy, stingy very unpleasent person who come to USA in 1957 opened his first Hungarian restaurant in 1959, went back to Hungary married someone who he knew for a simple reason, she was a good cook, and possible "mother" for his dream to have a child dispute his old age. Needless to say the marriage wasn't made in "heaven". They finally had a child a girl when she was 45 and he was 55. Nothing keep them toghether but Agnes and the substantial money. They were stealing money from each other, she's for her older daughter from previous marriage, and he is for the only person who he valued in his life....and his old cash register where he put his first $ in. When they sold the restaurant he left a quite valuable ethnic decoration to the new owner except his loved cash register, what he placed in his bedroom at his home.....

So when I get to the street I find myself in a store front where all kind of hungarian meet product was displayed in the window, especially a tremendous amount of hungarian sausage speciality. I was really surprised to see it, even remembering how neat to see this.. but other hand i had no idea where we were I knew I was intent to be somewhere else. As I walked to the store to my big surprise I saw my ex-boss making the endless amount sausage. I greated him, and he as his usual manner barked at me "what you doing here?" I told him i come to buy his product, and I invited him to stop working and seat with me, I told him let's open a bottle of his favorite wine.. I asked him why he making this much sausage. He said he have to deliver them to other stores, but he don't want to live the store, because he is waiting for her daughter and he need to tell her something. Interestingly I saw him drinking the wine while I didn't see myself drinking of it. I knew I had to take him from the store, so I told him since he was drinking let me drove him to the other store to deliver what they need. So he followed me, and we drove to some other place, where I do not know if is her daughter showed up (my thought maybe in her dream) or the Helper showed him/herself as his daughter but she was there, they hugged each other then she was gone.

Next I knew he was asking me, to let Agnes know there is nice amount of money inside the cash register, and he wanted me to let his daughter know he saved that money for her for a long time and he don't want his wife know about it.

This point a man from the "other" store come out and asked him to go with him inside.

I knew he will be fine from that point.

Today I called the restaurant where I was told, he "died" about a month ago in his sleep, a major stroke took him.

Now I have to solve the problem how I will be able to let her daughter know the message what he have for her.

Knowing him I have no doubt the message is very valid.

I never fail to be amazed for the unexpected experiences what Helpers can and do when the intent is there to help.

Love to all..
Response to Dora by Bruce: Dora,

>> Now I have to solve the problem how I will be able to let her daughter know the message what he have for her. <<

One way to share it would be to tell her that your had a dream and in the dream he gave a message. Sometimes folks can accept information that comes from "dreams" better then the straight story. And the verification may still come.