Follow up on boss retrieval..

Posted by Dora on November 22, 2001 at 09:07:33:

Hi to All...
Physically tired but mentally alert last night went to bed, and I cannot tell if I was awake or between but without any preparation I find myself in the restaurant putting crystal clear glasses to the self a mirror behind it. When I was looking into the mirror behind me I clearly saw my boss and his daughter standing front of the table where a couple was seated.
This point I heard clearly a voice in my head..
"YOU UNDERSTAND?" I said yes..
This couple was kind of a friend with my boss and hated the wife with a passion. They live in the same street where my boss use to live just a few house down.
They're the solution to my dilemma how to let the daughter know about the hidden money.
The whole thing lasted few minutes and they were gone.
Hopefully I will be able to verify the end result.
However even if I "just" remembered this people as a possible solution I take it Helpers draw my attention to them so I can finish what my boss asked me to do.
What was real interesting I saw the whole picture in the mirror.

Happy Thanksgiving to all with love