Posted by TMIGrad on November 25, 2001 at 11:18:53:

Yesterday I asked to be taken to someone needing to be retrieved. I was immediately at what looked like a prison camp. There were several people there, some just wandering around, some sitting on the ground. They all looked very thin and were wearing very dirty clothes. There were some children too who looked very malnourished. There was a large building where there were several more people, I'd say about 50 in all but could have been more.

There was a high fence around the building and guards with rifles walking around. I 'felt' these people were Afghani refugees who had died but ended up in a prison camp. I tried to get their attention and some looked at me. I told them I could take them away from there to someplace where they would be fed and clothed and would be taken care of and would be free. I saw some hope in some of them. The guards said I couldn't take them, so I said 'just watch me'. I told all to come to me where my magic carpet was forming and to jump on. They looked on in amazement and so did the guards. The guards held their rifles up and some people fell to the ground. I told them they couldn't be killed again and to get up and get on the carpet. As they did, more people came out of the building and soon they were on the carpet and we left. We landed at the same place where I took Onna.

I didn't perceive any Helpers at all and I assume they had been in Focus 23.