Posted by Ginny on December 04, 2001 at 10:25:09:

After placing my intent to be of help with a retrieval a Helper arrived ( a tall male, Native American ), and after a sensation of movement a green rolling landscape appeared, with a huge old tree ahead and to my left. I then saw that someone was hanging from underneath the branches...had been hanged with a rope. A woman was nearby, kneeling on the ground crying, wailing, her face in her hands. As I moved closer to her I understood that she too was Native American and that she had been stuck there, in shock and grief. I then tried several times to get her attention but couldn't; she was so caught up in the horror of this scene. The Helper communicated the need to send her PUL, which I did, and the woman stopped crying and looked up at me with confusion, as if to ask where she was. I introduced myself and she offered her name in a language I couldn't understand. I told her she had relatives waiting for her, loved ones...that she could leave with us now, and I sensed the Helper then stepping forward, taking her hands in his. I could then see her face more clearly as it seemed to reflect the light from the Helper. She was wearing buckskin clothing, dark hair braided and a bit messed up, and I saw what looked like blood down the front of her. What I found interesting was that once she had received PUL she never once took note of the hanging body beneath the tree. For some reason I could clearly hear the creaking noise of the rope rubbing against the branch, but she didn't.

As she and the Helper then began moving away I wanted to follow and see where she would go. I found myself floating above and at a distance from a large group of golden humanoid figures, crowded together as they greeted her. I sensed their "home" was similar to or an actual Indian village....and could briefly feel the joy and love they displayed for her.

Once the Helper was by my side again I asked where we were, and after a moment a scene opened up before me of a vast rolling plain (The Great Plains?), a blue sky dotted with clouds that seemed endless, wild animals in herds, grasses and sunflowers. I couldn't pick up on smells but detected an abundance of life everywhere, from bees to birds, prairie dogs and various blooming plants. The air itself was vibrant and full of activity. And there was a peacefulness as I felt a warm breeze caress my face and body...a feeling of life without fear, life as it had been long ago and was now continuing as it had been. I turned to the Helper and noticed he was standing with another person, male, who I perceived to also be an Indian. Still don't understand why I never asked about the second person, but I didn't. I wanted to know where we were---a world within the BST? Focus 27? The Helper answered but I still did not come away with a clear understanding (my fault--I was still trying to think it through and clouded his response I'm sure). And then I had a feeling that I too had been to this "world" at one time, and asked the Helper about that. I got back a beautiful grin!---which carried within it a feeling that we were not in the BST but a world I could easily remember if I'd think back to previous communications and afterlife experiences!

I then got that old unmistakable feeling to return to full consciousness (and I didn't want to---lol!) and as the scene disappeared I then got a visual of a cup of coffee. Along with it came a knowing that I would be interrupted soon and to just go get a cup of coffee! As I was heading toward the kitchen my husband walked throught the front door, arriving home earlier than expected!!!

Much love to all in this great mystery,