partnered exploration working

Posted by alysia on December 16, 2001 at 20:47:41:

I started doing partnered exploration cause it seemed more fun than doing it alone, and we wanted verification it was real, and of course I was inspired by Bruce's accounts of it in his books. just wanted to briefly say yes it is working and we now have verifica-tion and my motive in posting this is to encourage others who may read this, that it is a wholly worth-while endeavor and brings with it alot of personal growth, possible wisdom and knowledge (though I haven't gotten to that part yet! ha ha) curiosity satisfaction and a trust develops in self as verification is produced. I am doing it with Lyn, who sometimes posts here. we tried 3 times, the first times only brought a few hits and little memory on my part but a few nites ago I was meeting with Lyn and communication was just beginning to take place about where we would go, when she suddenly told me she had to leave. then through email we tell each other what happened. she told me the phone rang precisely after she had settled in for our visit and she had to break her focus. We've been emailing for 6 monthes so getting to know a person may be a huge factor in partnered exploration. also my daughter is becoming aware of dreams we can share, or conscious shared dreaming, and she is with me in a lot of my dreams. I'm aware of guides but I do not see or hear over there, I just sense and feel and I haven't interviewed anyone, but I still feel elated to have a sense of reality on both our parts about a non/physical experience. I think this is becoming entirely natural as we bring the two realities into alignment. namaste, alysia