retreival and meeting with Harry

Posted by Ginny on December 18, 2001 at 08:19:53:

Hi everyone,

After placing my intent to help in a retrieval of any kind the thought of F23 went through me, and the soft blackness then cleared somewhat as I then seemed to be standing on a sidewalk. It was foggy everywhere so I just waited to see what what was up.

I then perceived someone to my immediate left and in looking down got a young girl, perhaps ten or eleven years old, sitting in the street. I got that she was wearing a softball glove on her right hand. I smiled and introduced myself and she told me her name was Clara, or Claire....and an unusual last name of Altrese---something like that. I sensed she was worried about me being a stranger so I reassured her I was a nice person... just out for a walk. I asked what she was doing and I got back that she didn't know...she wasn't sure. I could feel that this was causing her some confusion so I changed the subject to softball and told her I grew up with brothers, playing in sports, climbing trees. She immediately responded with a feel of enthusiasm, saying she had a brother and loved softball. I asked what position she played and I then had a dim visual of someone at second base. I told her that was an important position and so she must be very good at the game, and she nodded with certainty that she was indeed a good player. She was still just sitting in the street and something odd about her body, from the waist down, came to me but I didn't want to ask her more.

I then asked, as casually as possible, where we were....and she didn't know. I asked if she'd like to be with friends and she hesitated, then nodded. A Helper caught my attention, off to my right...a feeling of serene expectancy and a smile. I then asked Claire if she could now go visit with anyone, who would that be?....and I got her mother. I then felt it was right to move around and in front of Claire, allowing an opening for the Helper to move in, which the Helper (an adult, golden female) did. I told Claire that a friend of mine could take her to see loved ones... and the Helper did an interesting thing (well at least I've never seen one do what she did); she knelt down in front of Claire and they started communicating. Claire then stood and I could see she was wearing what appeared to be cotton pants and top, long, light brown hair, and that softball mit was not leaving her hand. I followed them as we all left the foggy area...and interesting---I got a thought then that the fogginess had either been there to keep her calm..or it was a production of her confused state of mind (?). After a slight sensation of movement I could see another glowing humanoid figure off in the distance, and although I could not see Claire anymore, I could feel and knew she was in good hands. I asked the Helper next to me what had happened to the little girl and got back that she had been hit by a car or vehicle...and the phrase "she never knew what hit her" came to me.

As I then sensed that my time with the Helper was up I got the idea to see if I could find Harry Cheevers----so asked her if she knew where he was. She said she had no idea (lol!) but to place intent for such a meeting with him and I would find him. So, I did that and was once again momentarily in blackness.....and the the Harry I had initially met in his retrieval many months ago was then standing a few feet away, smiling.

I was excited to see him--asked if he remembered me and he grinned as if to say, "well of course!" He was still wearing his "professor" clothes--shirt, tie and sweater. I asked him why and got that he dressed this way for my benefit, so I would recognize him, perhaps have less doubt about that fact that it was indeed him. In asking what he'd been up to lately he answered with the word learning...and he and I were then moving at a steady pace. We arrived outside a large building with a wide walkway leading to a front entrance, and upon entering he took me to an area that apparently was where he spent a great deal of time--like his own work station. The interior looked like a huge library, with large windows up above the ground level. I sensed his area had books, some kind of a screen and equipment...and he told me he was learning a lot....remembering who and what he really was, and that we were in the Hall of Remembering. I was wondering if we were in F27..and possibly somewhere at TMI/There but wasn't sure if there was such a Hall of Remembering. Harry said that he was also learning to help others and when I asked if he and I would ever be able to partner up, in retrieval work, he seemed to think back to me, yes, that it was just a question of time. I was pleased with this and told him I was looking forward to it. I then wondered how we would begin---how I would know when he was ready, and he communicated very clearly that he would notify me. He'd send me thoughts of himself, to me....and I was reminded of how he had patiently gotten my attention before (by at least three times somehow sending his name into my awareness while I had been involved in another retrieval). This solution felt /seemed to make perfect sense to me and so we parted knowing he'd "be in touch".

Love to all and Happy Holidays,