Partnered exploration

Posted by Dora on December 19, 2001 at 14:06:04:

Hi to all...

First thanks Alysia to remind me to post a long overdue partnered exploration with Ginny, what I meant to post a long time ago.

We decided to try are partnered exploration one day when we created are place in F27. We agreed to discribe each other place and agreed to place a gift item what we need to find. part.... after practicing Bruce relaxation technique I went to my place what was a log cabin on the top off the hill with a very cozy livingroom with fireplace comfortable chairs and of course a table...

The front size of the cabin I had a view for a winter scenery with a falling snow.. the back door from the patio I had a view for a summer rainforest. Visiting the place few days I felt different presence some were non-physical being but I strongly felt Ginny's presence. Looking around my place some object cut my eyes on my table and in my awareness a native symbol arrow started to shape which was shiny.

Next day via e mail I asked Ginny how am I doing?

She said shiny all right, and kind of a pointed shape but need to look closer.

I went back other time again I saw the shiny arrow shaped object... I asked helpers for better understanding when my interpreter show me those snow flake filled plastic xmas ball.. keep turning over so I see inside the snowflakes colorful vibrations. I was able to see something inside.

Asked Ginny again she said there is very close but "go back to clarify."
Took few days to connect the 2 thing together...

The object was a natural crystal in a pointed arrow like shape inside a butterfly at the exact place where she put it...

(Later time I had a non-physical encounter with Ginny at my cabin, she wasn't aware of are meeting we played chess game in the rainforest site, I was able to discribe her clothing what she verifyed she have)

Funny thing none of us playing chess *LOL*

Posted by Dora on December 19, 2001 at 14:22:51:

Ginny's part... with her promission i use her e mail with her part...

How she discribe me her place in F27. it is reminded me of Monet coloring so I decided to place a water lilly pad to her with on unusual pastel purple color...

here is her respond...

"***well I went went to my park, sat on the park bench and watched and soaked up the goal was to see if I could sense/perceiev where you had put the lillypad. I had a feeling of the water but i wondered if you had put it in a tree?---lol. anyway.......I decided you put it in the pond to my left and towards the end, away from me.

Reported to you: nope....and you told me to stop "guessing".....told me to ask Guides (first time the idea of relying on guides came in i think,...

***went to park (next day I think).......3-4 people/guides were I stood off to one side as they stood in a circle talking, something caught my eye and i looked over at the pond. there was what looked like a white human body floating in the water. For a sec I thought '"what on earth!"....and as I started walking over to it a "knowing" came to me.....this was where you put the lily.....right across from the bench where i sit. Don't know why a human shape was used but it sure did get my attention and it was out of the ordinary if you think about it.....made me was so out of the ordinary that i think it helped me realize this was it--the location. Helpers are funny! Reported back to you and you said Bingo! Now, the color of it.

***went to park, sat on bench, held up a small slate blackboard and asked guides to write on it the color of the lilypad. I could feel myself anticipating.....being anxious about getting it right. The color pink finally was there, scrawled on the blackboard.

Reported back: nope ask guides

***A day or 2 later I told you blue-or purple blue kept popping into my head and you said: don't guess.

*****In 2nd week I went to my park and had decided this may take years (lol) and wasn't gonna try to find out the color of anything. I flew across the pond to my huge tree and sat up in the branch I alwyas sit on and let the tree balance my energy. Aftr I was very calm, listening to the leaves in the wind, relaxed and watching the sunshine betwn the branches and leaves....I ahd a funny feeling someone was in my park, so I turned around and looked down and across the pond. A man was sitting at my bench. Tall, wearing contemporary clothing (slacks, shirt). I felt a little bent that he had come uninvited and was wondering who he wsa, what he wanted. He stood up and walked over to the pond to his right, my left. He seemed to be just standing there, looking over to his right at the pond......and I receievd a strong "knowing" message to look over to my left, at the pond. There was a huge purple lillypad floating , twirling around slowly. I thought ""yea sure....all right".

Reported back and you said Bingo! I was blown away! bBoth times Guides had appeared to show me---twice. It was a fantastic lesson in trusting realizing that they DO help......that INTENT is everything.

Note: each time I did NOT force it...each time I was distracted by guides talking or just being in my tree and relaxing, that was when I seemed to be open to their help, their info. Whenever I TRIED to figure it out, just didn't work. She find the exact place... The main reason I use her word-by-word e-mail to see how far she become because what she said INTENT IS EVERYTHING.

Soon we ready to do it again probably more complex way but this experience was definetely was a major stepping stone to validate are experiences in the beautiful world what's THERE.

Love to all...