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Posted by Bruce Moen on January 01, 2002 at 08:53:22:

In Reply to: Question Bruce.................. posted by Ginny on December 30, 2001 at 08:42:32:


>> The Hall of Remembering...where I encountered Harry before this partnered retrieval, you have a feel for or any ideas about that? It seemed to be a place of literally enabling people to, I think, remember who and what they really are. Perhaps a prerequisite course to becoming a Helper (?).<<

I've explored a place that has some similarities that I'd call the Review Center. It's a place folks go to review their lifetime experiences from the most previous life and other previous lives. Most of the folks I followed there were preparing for another incarnation Here.

The Hall of Remembering you describe sounds like it might have some differences. It would make sense to me that there would be a place to assist folks in remembering more about who and what they really are. It would make sense that Helpers in training would benefit from such an experience. Kind of sounds to me like the place you visited bears more exploration to discover more about what goes on there and why. The Partnered Exploring you're doing with others might be a good way to further explore the Hall of Remembering.

Like I've said before it makes me so happy to see folks exploring and finding places I didn't know exist. It keeps adding more and more pieces to the jigsaw puzzle image of our existence. As more pieces are added we get a broader, clearer, more all encompassing image of who and what we are. The boundary of the Great Unknown gets pushed back further and further for all of us by what all us explorers do and share.

Who knows, maybe someday you'll author a book about your experiences, and the places you've explored. Maybe more folks will see it's possible for them to go beyond where I've gone and discover things I never knew existed. The more folks there are mapping the New World the more accurate and detailed that map will be. It's easier to explore beyond the map when you know where the edge of the map is.

Thanks for continuing to share your explorations, wonderings and questions,

Love ya,


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