Retrieval Contact Last night/this morning

Posted by Chris_2 on January 03, 2002 at 12:39:15:

I had an interesting experience last night. I'll explain what happened.

Yesterday evening I used an energy raising technique meditation in the early afternoon which left me buzzing with a high amount of energy and lucidity or presentness. Later that evening when I lay down to sleep I couldn't sleep because I was so abuzz with this "energy". Generally I would fall asleep around 12:00 am or 1:00 if I'm not as tired. Last night I could not get to sleep until 3:30 - 4:00 am this morning. I decided to meditate and focus on contacting my guides and helpers to answer a couple of questions I had. After a bit I found myself buzzing in my body and "loose". I bobbed around here and there without any astral vision. I just felt myself moving in and out of the body like a balloon. Soon however, I felt a force begin to spin my body in a counter clockwise rotation very fast. It did not make me dizzy or frighten me at all, I just felt it a bit odd since I'd never experienced it before. This lasted for quite a while and I just relaxed into it and allowed it to occur. After some time I suddenly found myself floating around a minimum security prison for young men. I was immediately drawn or brought to a young black man who was being released. Suddenly I was seeing things from his perspective as if I was him. He/I went around shaking hands with the rest of the young black men who were there playing a friendly game of basketball in the courtyard. This was a prison located in a country location with trees and fields around it. Anyway, he shook hands with the people and left through the gates. (by the way I am caucasian myself)

Then the vision changed to what seemed a future date. He and his caucasian fiance were visiting some friend in a suburban city neighborhood. It was up on a hill. They were looking for a nice house or appartment to buy or rent. The friend indicated that the house across the street had been available for a long time. I looked across the street at the white house that looked run down and needed renovation (peeling paint). I immediately received a packet of information that came to me in the form of a vision showing that years previous when expanding the neighborhood and street that part of the front yard of that house had been torn up and they had found several bodies (at least 3) of children in the ground. I saw this very clearly. I was also then handed somehow information that these children and an adult who had murded them still lived in the house.

People had been scared away from buying it because the spirits of those individuals would constantly run them off. The couple who had come to visit decided to go across the street and check the house out. The front door was open so the woman entered the house. I entered along with her. Immediately the most negative presence I've ever encountered attacked. I believe the woman sensed this only as something bad and left quickly, however I experienced this as a barraging storm of negativity attack by one or more spirits in the house that seemed mentally deranged... very sick. Their presence felt very dirty somehow and twisted. It made my stomache churn and I immediately left as well. They were screaming "get out! get out! get out of here!". As I backed out onto the front lawn area I saw two of the dead children come out of the house following the woman and myself out of the house. One of them was a small boy of about the age of 6 or 7 and the other was a young girl about the age 10 to 12. The young girl did not have a nice happy look on her face but the boy seemed to have a fairly nice open minded look on his face. Both of the children were black but I had the impression that one of their parents... the woman... the one whom I think may have murded them, was caucasian.

I immediately said to them, "You know that I can see you. I spoke directly to them and said again, I can see you.". They looked startled for a moment and asked, " you can see us?". "yes", I said. At that moment there was another young boy of about the age 6-7 standing at my left side who was blond haired blue eyed. I knew immediately that he was not one of the children who died but was there somehow to talk with them and help out. The young black boy came over and said, "can you show me how to make a ham sandwich?". I was a little dumb founded for a moment and then the little caucasian boy said, "yes, we can show you how to make a ham sandwich.". We all went and sat down at the ditch by the side of the road in front of the house and suddenly there on the ground we started to show this little boy how to make a ham sandwich with bread, mayo, ham, cheese, tomato, and pickles. The child seemed pleased. However, he didn't seem willing to go with us. His sister stood near by and had a scolding look on her face as he interacted with us. Then I was let know it was time to leave, I had to go. The little black boy seemed sad we were going so I told him I would come back soon to visit again and play. Then the blond haired child and I walked away and I immediately phased back into my body. It was 8:00 a.m. I would say the total time out of body must have been at least an hour of more and I got no sleep since my mind was conscious the entire night... however, I woke up completely refreshed (in the sense of feeling like I got a full nights sleep) and mentally alert. However, I had this icky feeling on me still. As I went to take my morning shower before work I sat and meditated and felt like I had some residue left on me from my encounter with the spirit of the deranged woman in that house. I mentally collected it upward and off my head, then into a ball into my hands and threw it away. However, I was concerned about it staying in my house somewhere in a ball so as threw it away I tried to disperse it into the air. I don't know if that would work but that's what I did.

What I'm interested to find out is whether there is any record anywhere of this house. I would guess that it might be somewhat famous if a murder of that type happened there and it was found out. Additionally, since the house is still obviously "haunted", then I would guess it might receive a lot of attention from ghost hunters etc. If anyone recognizes this as something that they have heard of I'd appreciate any help in locating it's actual physical location. I got a feeling it might be here in seattle where I live actually. So, I'll be searching on the web for stories but I'd appreciate anyone who might of heard a story similar to this giving me any information they know. I'd also appreciate any tips on handling this situation.

I've been brought to retrieval type situations on two other occasions. On the first occasion I helps send a stuck spirit off, but on the second I don't think I did too well. I get the feeling I did all I could do on this one but it will take time to get this boy and possibly girl to come along. I feel it's the boys time to go and we are working on him mostly though. The deranged mother is a definite leave alone for a while longer.