a visit to the BST and more...Part 1 & 2

Posted by Ginny on January 05, 2002 at 12:27:23:

Hi Everyone,

After relaxing, doing my EGB exercise and filling with PUL, the idea to use heart intelligence came to me, and upon moving the intellect to the heart center I placed intent to meet up with a Helper and go wherever assistance was needed. A woman appeared to my right, surrounded in gold light and wearing a long white gown. I sensed it was now time, for a person she had been visiting, to leave an area of the afterlife...and I immediately felt "BST" come to me. I asked about her gown and got that she was "dressed for the part"--that it would play an important role in helping this person. Placing my hand on her left arm I then felt a mild sensation of movement. I sensed that there were other Helpers behind or around us but couldn't see them.

We then seemed to be floating over a countryside at night. Below was what appeared to be a kind of crude, stone hut or house with I guess a thatched roof. The sky was a deep blue, lots of stars. I then noticed some kind of light source off to my left and focused on several people holding burning torches, organized in a circle. I could feel the Helper indicate that we should move to that scene, which we did, coming to rest at ground level and a short distance from whatever was going on. I then saw a tall man in the center of the torch circle...and he was not having a nice evening. Those surrounding him were throwing accusations and questions at him, claiming he had "broken the rules". Although he appeared scared he was holding his own, answering that he no longer wanted to live where the others were residing. I asked the Helper what was going on and got that she had been visiting him, helping him to slowly work his way out of this "world". She had influenced him in building the stone house (which was a kind of violation there--"being alone" or solitude somehow compromised the very belief-fabric of that world), as well as encouraging him to realize that he no longer needed the beliefs there. I could feel she possessed a strong love for him, that they had been together in other realities. We continued watching and at one point I moved half way around the circle, becoming a little alarmed about how this would end. I communicated to the Helper that none of the people, including her friend, seemed to be aware of us. They were all intently focused on the "trial" going on and it felt as if their desire to return her friend to where he was suppose to be was working. I then got the idea to use PUL (duh!). The first blast seemed to disrupt their focus on her friend, causing several to turn and look around. More PUL created mayhem. I sensed yelling and confusion as the circle broke up...a few scattering out into the night. The Helper then approached her friend, who seemed exhausted and beaten down...but I watched his face as he seemed to then recognize her. I also got that he had never really known her true identity, and that her appearance was helping him to remember things pertinent to his freedom. A look of hope filled his eyes as she took his hands and I watched as they both began gliding up and away to my right.

I wanted to know what this belief system was all about...why people had been drawn to such a place, and in sensing other Helpers nearby I followed the torch people as they were heading off in a single file into the night. Wasn't long before we arrived before a tall mountain cliff to my left with what I initially thought to be a large cave entrance. I kept getting that it had been "manufactured" a long time ago, made by others (?). A rope ladder led up to the entrance, which was huge, perhaps 50 to 60 feet high and very wide, almost perfectly round....and people in shadow, hunched over, were moving quickly about. I saw towards the back of the cave a man sitting in what appeared to be a throne type of chair....a woman approached and sat near him...and got that they were in charge. People were grouped in lines, holding sacks of whatever over shoulders and across their backs. Others were scurrying around, intent on their duties...and there was a feel of fear everywhere. One did not question their role or duties here. The throne guy was quick tempered and quite the tyrant. I started to feel confused about what would draw people to such a place. I watched as so many seemed to be living a silent desperation. The more upset I became the more scrambled I felt...and all I got was that they felt a need to obey someone in charge in order to not have to think, be responsible. This didn't make one iota of sense to me. I started sending PUL to those shuffling forward in line, communicating to them that there were other worlds out there---this wasn't the only one and they certainly didn't have to believe a damn thing the tyrant was saying. I watched several of them become confused, their faces momentarily displaying shock. Some remained frozen to the spot, others started scattering and I could feel fear and anger coming from the direction of the throne. I then felt Helpers around me and I knew we were to move away from the entire scene. I was concerned that I had made it worse for those people, for having shared PUL in the cave, and was told it could only help.

The Helpers then gathered in front of me, about 5 golden humanoid beings, and I knew I needed to discharge some "stuff" I had picked up in the cave. I did this and felt much better. I then knew that by becoming upset at the plight of those slave people I had somehow opened up to the energies there.

Not wanting to return to waking consciousness yet, I asked the Helpers if they could take me to the Hall of Remembering. I wanted to learn more about and better undertsand its purpose. And after a sensation of movement found myself in front of the same building, wide cement walkways and grassy areas leading to the front entrance.

And I'll post Part 2 later today. Sorry----gotta take care of physical life, day-to-day stuff!!----:)

Part 2

Posted by Ginny on January 05, 2002 at 22:31:24:

As I walked into the Hall of Remembering I stopped in what must be the main lobby area and took a good look around.

Off to my right was a large open area where Harry had been doing some "studying". There were several booths or work stations running along one wall, each station partitioned off for privacy...and they seemed to be empty.

Ahead of me and across the lobby was a staircase that led up to a mezzanine area with large windows allowing light to flood the entire lower level.

Over to my left was a large circular desk and a wide hallway beyond.

I felt I was being escorted but never focused on who was with me. Just a gentle presence to my right, answering questions, showing me around. I was aware that others were busy about the place, apparently unconcerned with our tour. I stated that I was very interested in understanding more of what this place was all about.

We then moved beyond the circular, information desk and as we made our way along a wide hallway I saw people sitting in front of what appeared to be huge TV-like screens. I stopped to watch and got that they were either reviewing scenes from their physical lives, or watching--for lack of better understanding on my part--what appeared to be visual productions or scenes similar to "movies".....something that helped in the learning process there. As we continued the tour I also got that the Hall of Remembering was much more spacious than what I was currently perceiving: there were areas filled with books, lecture halls...anything and everything available to enable all who were drawn there to take the steps in remembering perhaps who and what they really were.

We then came to an entrance to a dark room and I was told that this was where people could "re-live" parts of a physical life...for better "understanding". Inside was a modern looking lounge chair (looked like hard plastic surrounding soft, cushiony material on the seat and high back). I got that when I had been with Harry at his work station he had been in the beginning stages of his "training"...and that he and others would then progress to other areas of learning, eventually arriving at this room well prepared to re-live anything important. My tour guide then extended an offer for me to give the chair a try and I didn't hesitate. It was really comfortable and seemed to almost encourage one to relax...which I did, and the guide then asked if I wanted to "re-live" something. It was my understanding at that point that I would be able to actually "be in" a scene of my choosing. Without giving it much thought I expressed an inability to understand how the slave people in the BST I had visited earlier could allow themselves to live in such tyranny: could I experience something that would help me to gain better understanding of why others would allow themselves to be treated and controlled in such an ugly, degrading way. I settled into the chair and the next thing I knew I was riding on the back of a galloping horse. It's mane was whipping across my face as I was hanging on for dear life. I was aware that it was me on a horse--- I didn't feel that I was someone else....and I felt completely out of control as the horse continued charging at full speed along what felt like a dirt road. I was scared and just barely hanging on...with a twinge of confusion going through me as to how this could relate to the slave people. Once that thought went through me I was back in the chair again, as if nothing had ever happened. I then felt a "knowing" sweep through me, an understanding (that unfortunately I now can't seem to completely bring back to my awareness) of the fact that possibly the slave people had experienced that level of fear somewhere along the line---upon death?---and that such totally consuming, heart pounding fear, coupled with a belief or desire to have someone, somewhere just take control of them (or their fear), was what led them to their present circumstances. I don't think I'm explaining this well, but when I received that "knowing" it made much better sense than it does now, trying to put it into words. I then asked the guide if this "re-living" exercise was similar to using State Specific Memory, and got back a yes, which felt like a loving warmth washing over me, and I wasn't sure whether I was the one who was pleased with this new understanding or the guide was! One or both of us was pleased with the results of the chair exercise.

And then the tour was apparently over because I was outside the building, in soft blackness, with a Helper nearby. I took a couple of seconds to orient myself to the sudden change, and then asked a question that has been on my mind for quite some time. I asked why my/our presence was needed in BST retrievals. The Helper offered a generous smile and communicated that there was much learning involved for us.....and then she said something very interesting: when involved in a BST retrieval and PUL is given to an individual, a "scrambling affect" occurs whereby the individual is momentarily suspended, mentally and emotionally...allowing Helpers to move in so to speak and grab their attention or surround them with love, etc.

And with that I got the impression that I had best get on back to waking consciousness, which I eventually did. I felt energized and full of even more wonder.

Thanks for listening and love to all,