first conscious retrival or intended re.

Posted by james on January 13, 2002 at 20:23:01:


I've been doing Bruce's home study course slowly. At first it was slow but purposeful and then he talked the indenity crisis its similar to walkin symptoms which I thought had happened to me but the way bruce described belief system breakdown a supporting structure of our ego made since sense to me.


I woke completely up this morning and imediately thought I'll do a retrieval. I did te 3X3 breaths 3 relaxing 3 energizing 3 love. Then I mentally dressed my self in some thing casual and called a helper that I felt was just waiting for me to ask. I would like a helper to do a retrieval? "Come with me" I held my imaginary hand and off we went kind of a rush. We stopped in the darkness and a little baby came into view. I thought cute. baby steps for my first retrieval This baby walked real stiff like and then turned into a doll. The helper said "You'll need that come on" Rush we went slowly stopped in the darkness again. And a little girl came into view. As she started to focus on my presense it was the doll that got her attention. "my doll" she exclaimed I handed her the doll and picked her up talking to her as if she were my child. As we were talking she was looking over my left shoulder. she excitedly said "daddy" I turned and handed her off with the feeling of love surrounding the whole scene. I watched them disappear and I was left alone in F23. amazed so i decided to look around. Let's do another retrieval I thought out felt the rush and the next thing I know I am laying in my bed staring at the ceiling wondering when did I open my eyes?

It was so simple that my interpretor wanted to deny the whole thing but that aspect of my total self doesn't have the power it use too. And was told by the new and improved aspects to pipe down. :)

for what its worth