Retrieving the Homeless & Earth Changes

Posted by Ginny on January 28, 2002 at 10:44:00:

Hi everyone,

Once I sent out my intent to help wherever needed and was in the 3D blackness, I got the signal to go to my little park in F27 (had not expected to go there). In using the State Specific Memory technique I then found myself standing next to my park bench (what an incredible way to travel!) and sat down, soaking in all the beauty and activity. I noticed a deer off to my left and then realized that each time I visit there seem to be more animals enjoying the place.

I then was anxious for a Helper to arrive and sat waiting....but kept getting a signal from the huge tree across the pond to "come on over" for a visit. I ignored it but finaly gave in as I repeatedly received loving encouragement to do this. When I was then at the base of the tree I knew what to do and proceeded to move up to a wide branch with a hollowed out depression....a place to lie down which I've done many times before. Once stretched out, with my feet pressed against the tree trunk, I saw/felt energy then flowing through me (the only explanation I've ever received about this is that an energy balancing occurs), was told to bring purple healing energy into me, which I did. Once this was accomplished I was then told to just relax and listen to the wind in the leaves, which were all around me. This has always been a signal to me that I need to relax more, so I did this, also visualizing the golden sunshine twinkling between the fluttering leaves, gently swaying branches. Once I could feel a deep relaxation come over me I then returned to my bench. **Note here: the only reason I've included this experience in my park--which I at times just skip in postings--is because once this entire retrieval and journey was over I contacted Dora to let her know I had been on a journey, and before I was able to explain further she asked if I had been to my park. At almost the same time I was there in my park, she had placed the intent to be in the afterlife and unexpectedly got a strong feeling of me, sitting on my bench in the park...and she picked up on golden light through leaves that were softly reacting to a breeze!

Anyhoo..once back on my bench a Helper then appeared, extended a hand and we then turned our attention into the blackness. For a few seconds we just seemd to be suspended there...and I got a very clear, soft message to "just relax" (lol!). I then saw the back of a tall, big man...and he seemed to be bending over picking up what I perceieved as garbage. As we seemed to be descending into gray fogginess I glanced over at him as we passed by and apparently he was unaware of us. It then felt as if we were moving faster, at a downward angle, and a street appeared. One and two-story buildings lined the street, as well as huge piles of garbage along the sidewalks. When the Helper and I were then in the middle of the street I looked around at what seemed to be deserted, completely trashed and run-down buildings: windows were either broken or boarded up, trash piled up over 6 or 7 feet high. I then sensed that there were people around and I asked the Helper what this place was all about. I got back the word "homeless"...and then a reminder that I had expressed a desire a few months ago to help those in the afterlife (as well as in the physical) who suffered from "mental illness", or society's negativity because of misunderstanding of the "illness". It then occurred to me that the piles of garbage had a neatness about them. They were not spilling into the street, just arranged almost as if to serve as barricades. Then a man appeared from a doorway to my right, yelling, angry, and started throwing some of his garbage across the street. Another person responded by hurling their trash back at him...and we watched as a few more people appeared, entering into the argument that had erupted. I suddenly felt so sorry for these people, the fearful conditions they were living in, and the Helper immediately told me to bring PUL to myself. Once doing this I realized I had started to pick up on the heavy energy there....and when I was then feeling love, peacefulness...I was told there were two people there who were ready to leave. I turned to the Helper and asked, "Two?", and the Helper held up a hand with two fingers extended: two. Okay. We then began moving down the street and made a right turn and I could feel we were to enter a building. Once we did we moved down a hallway in semi-darkness, trash and clutter, dust and fallen building materials everywhere...vacant rooms to the left and right, pale light coming in through cracks and closed off windows. We stopped and I could feel a woman to my left sitting in a dark corner. I could then see her eyes but nothing else. I knew she wasn't sure about us as I was getting the information that she had been longing to leave or be perhaps anywhere but this city of homelessness. I then got a clear statement from her, which was, "You're not like the others", meaning we were somehow different from the other city dwellers. I began telling her that I had a loving friend with me, that we could take her to a much better place, and in extending my hand she reached out and took it...and something neat happened: I was then visualizing a beautiful pastoral scene, simultaneously communicating that she could go to a place where no one would impose their will upon her. I could then feel her stand up (but still couldn't see her). Again I suddenly felt a heavy sadness and brought more PUL to myself and shared it with her. This seemed to get the attention of a man who had been hiding at the other end of the room. He began walking toward us, expressing a desire to also leave. Still holding my hand the woman then stepped out of the shadows and I saw long, matted gray hair hanging over her face, dirty clothing. She seemed to be ashamed of anyone seeing her. I then sensed the Helper doing something and as I stepped back a few more Helpers appeared. A light suddenly surrounded all of them and they left quickly: a golden ball moving rapidly up and away. And since the city then didn't disappear, and sensing the Helper still to my left, I expressed a desire to understand more of this place. We were back in the street again and I wondered if just sending out PUL would help. I got back that this was done, when needed, and that perhaps it did help some there to become more aware of their situation and move closer to wanting to finally leave. So I began sending PUL down the street, wondering if this was going to accomplish any good as I didn't have a specific target or person in mind, and off to our right and a half block ahead a woman came running outside. She stopped, staring at us, and then ran behind a pile of garbage in our direction. I could feel she was pleading with us, desperate...and before I could understand her further the Helper moved toward her. Another Helper then appeared and I watched as she was then surrounded in a light and whisked away.

Don't want to run out of room here so will post page 2 next---:)

Part 2
I then found myself floating in the 3D blackness and expressed a desire to want to explore more...and the nonhuman group I'd met with a few times in the past came to mind. A Helper to my right appeared, (not sure if it was the same Helper that escorted me to the city of homeless) took my hands and I sensed a smile, a warm something coming to me. For just a split second I thought about what I would do next to get back to that place and the Helper, gently squeezing my hands, laughingly communicated, "You know what to do"....meaning to use State Specific Memory. So I did...and once I had a "feel" for that place I had originally met the golden beings at, I was there. I saw the transparent wall and interestingly, only one of the tall, thin, gold beings was behind it. This visual image then rapidly blinked out and reappeared about 3 times...and finally seemed to stabalize, and the gold being was then standing in front of me.

I felt a soft friendliness from it, a sort of quiet eagerness---if that makes sense---and sent a hello. And I then went blank....couldn't think of anything to ask or say. In trying to just mellow out and think of something, I could feel from the being that it was okay, as if it didn't matter. It then seemed as if I was surrounded in a gold light and I wondered if I had merged with the being (their way of communicating... I was told at an earlier time). I got back a yes and I marveled for a minute at how easily this happens and that I didn't seem to really feel any difference...I was just in a soft golden light.

Coming earth changes...I asked what they knew or understood about this situation. For a few seconds it seemed that either I or the being were then "thinking" (?) this through as I saw and felt images flashing in my mind...and then I was turning around and looking at a visual of the earth in space. I got that the earth was a powerful, aware being...that the changes she was evolving into were "choices" she had agreed to, accepted and was looking forward to. It was all just a part of her "evolution", her growth. I then thought of all the humans currently residing there and wondered if we were somehow harming the earth...and got back a no. All that had and was currently taking place had been agreed upon. The earth was in a kind of partnership with us. I then got something about duality, and how that was on its way out and to be replaced after full alignment with PUL takes place..but information was coming at me so fast I just let that go. I was then suddenly looking at a sun, similar to our own, but there were hundreds of what I guess were planets stationed around it. Some had atmospheres, some didn't...but the point that came across was that each was at a stage of growth and being. I wondered if this was their (the gold beings) home and I'm not sure about what I was told. It felt to be a place they were intimate with. I then felt my focus to be back within the gold light and was told that the changes happening with the earth would greatly affect the solar system, in a positive way. I also got that any planet appearing to be without life---life as we as humans understand it---wasn't necessarily "without life".

We were then having a kind of discussion about the system I/humans were evolving in, versus theirs. I got a visual of a chain reaction (a single unit dividing itself and sending out two, these two dividing and sending out more and so on), meaning we split ourselves off, ever expanding to explore, grow, experience. They don't experience expansion of consciousness in this way. When I expressed a curiosity about how they operate I got back that they were a grouping of consciousnesses, aware they were really a single being. I saw several thin, golden beings bunched together inside I think what was a transparent bubble-like structure. I wondered how they learn and grow and could not understand the response, so I had to settle for the moment that they did (lol!). They were intrigued with our way, our system of expansion...but it was clear they were content with their own. I also got the feeling that physical matter was something they knew more about than we did, that it was one of many expressions or creations to explore within, and that it wasn't necessary for them to use physical matter to learn what they wanted to learn.

Around this time it began to feel as if my time was up. Just as I was in the process of realizing this, another interesting thing was communicated to me. The transparent wall that I sometimes saw them standing behind was actually a doorway between their world and ours. This really got my attention. Apparently they somehow know when I am either on my way to visit them or they know when I've arrived..and the other side of the wall is an outer most area of their world, a window of sorts. For a split second I seemed to be on the other side looking out through that transparent wall, looking out at the area where I initially met them. It didn't really feel I went behind or into their world...but I'm not sure. Standing once again outside, with the being a few feet from me, I expressed a joyful thank you for that quick trip....communicating that I'd like to return and perhaps know more about that wall/window.

And then I was suddenly shooting upward at a fast pace into the 3D blackness....feeling really happy and energized by the whole experience.

Love to all and thanks for listening---:)