Retrieval the other day...

Posted by Chris_2 on January 29, 2002 at 17:10:51:

I'm wondering if anyone has any insights into this. The other day I was dreaming and the dream turned into what I perceived as a retrieval (very vivid). I was drawn to a house. Inside the house drawers and cabinates would open and close on their own. Instead of being frightened I just said, "Hey, I know you are there and I'm paying attention to you. Can you show yourself to me? who are you?". I then perceived a small voice (a transmission full of static like a radio) say something but I couldn't quite understand. So, I simply thought a pencil and paper into existance and said, since you can move objects can you write it down for me on this? The pencil started moving on it's own as the individual wrote, "Hi I'm Eva.". The moment I saw the word Eva I realized that in a part of my consciousness I had already hear her tell me but I was the one who wasn't tuning in well. So, I went inward a bit sort of in the direction of the information that I had received mentally and suddenly before me was a little girl. She smiled up at me and I said, "hi Eva. How old are you?", I was looking at a little girl with dark skin and a face that looked sort of mexican or spanish. She said, "I'm eight and I can't find my mom and dad.". I said, "Hey Eva you look like you might speak spanish. I speak spanish..." and I started to speak to her in spanish (which i speak fluently). Then she said, "I don't speak spanish. My dad is Filipino and my mom is white.". I was a bit embarrassed but then said "Eva, would you like me to take you to where you can find your mom and dad and all your relatives and friends?". she said yes nodding her head and I took her hand and led her upwards and just like in Monroes book at a certain point she just disappeared.

Question: How do I know if I was successful in getting her to her destination and didn't just leave her hanging somewhere? Does anyone know of some database of the US somewhere that lists dead and/or missing children because I remember how she looked. I would thing the name Eva and her age would be sufficient to find her if she is in one of those databases.