Success with Moen technique!

Posted by David Pierce on January 30, 2002 at 22:06:23:

The following is largely the same account I posted on my own bbs but I was encouraged to share it here. :-)

Tonight I had my first clear success using the Bruce Moen "imagination" technique of accessing non-physical reality. This came during a PUL breakthrough after several days of struggling with the grim existential concepts I've been researching for my book, and ended with my daughter Lilli visiting me, so it was an especially sweet event.

Weary of dwelling on topics such as personality constructs, our culture's denial of death, cosmic paradoxes, and the void, I lay down, turned on my TMI tape, and closed my eyes. From the very start of my session I imagined pure light filling me. Despite the turmoil raging in my mind, I was able to relax, and the feeling of conflict became a peaceful warmth in my breast.

Suddenly I found myself in a space that could only be the grainy 3D blackness I've read so much of -- very different from the clear hyperreal environments of my OBEs. I became aware* that I was in a vast dark hall of gigantic statues. Indeed, I was standing on the enormous wing of a golden** bird; the statues of great golden heroes stood nearby. The imagery was not clear but I was perceiving it partly by what seemed like qualities of sound, texture, and emotion: the hall "felt" as if it were huge and crisply echoey. I was reminded of accounts I've read of OBEs by the blind. The 3D effect was extraordinary, especially considering that it wasn't very visual in nature. Time passed and my mind drifted; I remembered to ask for the help of a guide. While no guide appeared, I felt the smiling, mischievously loving presence of Lilli, and then I was aware of being outside, though again, the visual perception wasn't clear. I was standing in a Greek temple overlooking the sea. Lilli stood nearby, leaning casually against a tall Doric column and gazing out to sea, her hair blowing in the breeze. Her presence emoted the warm color-thought, "Hi Dad." I told her hi, and that I loved her. Then the voice on the tape told me to come back to C1. The scene faded away. Despite the brevity of my contact with Lilli, it was wonderful. My heart is warm with great joy!

The last month has led me to Lilli in several important ways: the appearance of Lilli to a friend; my prolonged eventful OBE contact with Lilli on 1/9, in which the details of Lilli's death were revealed to me, an account I painstakingly typed and posted on an astral duplicate of my own bbs; and tonight's brief but special contact with Lilli. Also, I've been able to experience for myself the validity of the Moen technique, which I was unsure I'd ever find successful. Bruce Moen has been a help in my endeavor by being brave enough to make his work public, by making sure his work is understood and carried on, and by wishing me success. Thanks to all Afterlife BBs friends for sharing your light. Each of you has helped me find Lilli.

*In OBEs I travel to someplace; in tonight's experience, the setting gradually resolved around me -- the opposite of scenery "fading away."

**The gold color was perceived more texturally than visually; I can't describe how. If you've experienced synesthesia you'll understand.