Retrieval with a possible intriguing connection

Posted by Ginny on February 03, 2002 at 08:37:51:

Hi everyone,

After sending out the intent to help in a retrieval wherever needed, and once I was in the 3D blackness, I waited for a Helper to arrive...and after several seconds was aware of a milky yellow fogginess ahead and to my right. As I moved closer I got that someone was singing. I didn't sense a Helper nearby and because the imagery was hazy I let it go, asking for better understanding. I then picked up that a woman was sitting on the ground, singing...and I let it go again asking for better clarification...and got the same info/image. Still not sensing a Helper I decided to focus my attention on the woman.

I got that she was sitting in a rocky, barren area near a cliff, that she was possibly in her 20's to middleage, that she was wearing clothing made out of leather as well as a woven fabric. I briefly picked up on trees off in the distance, blue sky. I moved around her until she was more to my left and then got that her "singing" was a part of her way of communicating. When she was talking and singing it was a language I couldn't understand. She seemed to be completely unaware of me.

I then sent a friendly greeting to her and she stopped her singing and looked at me. I introduced myself and when I sent that to her I tried to included the feeling of loving frienship. She spoke some words I couldn't understand but the feeling from her was that she wasn't scared. I asked her name and she answered by once again saying something that held no meaning for me, but I accepted it as if I understood. My ability to remain focused started to waver but I kept bring her back to me...asking then what she was doing. She then started her interesting mixture of talking and singing...and she looked out across a land that she apparently loved. It felt okay to ask where her people were and this brought her attention back to me...and although I couldn't fathom what she was then saying I could feel that the question caused her some confusion. It felt as if she hadn't thought of this...that she had been so preoccupied with her way of communicating, for whatever reason. I felt the urge to ask about her people again, saying it would be nice for her to be with them instead of being alone here...and she did something that got my attention: as she then looked at me and began talking/singing to answer, she moved her left arm and hand in a way that reminded me of sign language. I then had the strong feeling that she was indeed incorporating signing with vocals. I was fascinated with this but decided to follow the feeling I was getting that she wanted more than anything to be with her people. I then sensed something/someone off to my left and told her a nice person was here to take her to be reunited. As she stood up I perceived a "male" approaching her but never got a visual of him. They briefly communicated and then were gone.

I don't know if there's a connection here but thought I'd include that on the previous evening, while drifting off to sleep, I suddenly had an image in my mind of a women tied up with rope and in a sitting position, being raped by several men. Because it was so unexpected and I hadn't been thinking about anything remotely similar, I stayed with the brief image until it was gone. It had a different feel to it, than say, just idle brain imagery stuff---if that makes any sense. The following day the memory of that image went through my mind... and I thought of it again, and her, as I was hanging out in the 3D blackness prior to the singing woman appearing. Don't know if the two are related in any way but found this interesting.

I also now wonder if the singing woman had been singing her "prayers"...or singing/talking out her death song, hoping for a reunion with her people.

Love to all,