first time it was "real" for me

Posted by alysia on February 21, 2002 at 07:24:29:

Scuse me. first "real" seeming retrieval was a lucid dream where a boy popped up twice and I called for a helper.

I had been using my imagination earlier in the day but didn't seem real enough, so thought well I'll wait and see what develops, maybe I'm not the retriever type after all. went to bed under an electric blanket, and thought maybe electric blankets have a countereffect on afterlife exploration, then again maybe eating a bowl of chili does too. I'm here to tell you that neither of those things has an effect! har! started drifting off around 3 am and got those pleasant vibrations which usually cause me to come to C1 consciousness but this time I just watched the show and let it happen but I managed to think a thought and state an intention to do a retrieval, question mark at end of sentence, and I threw in for good measure "and make it real this time." bring evidence. I clicked out and found myself on the 2nd floor of a rooming house for students, in a room where the kids hang out. I saw a girl sitting on the floor, back against a couch, very pretty and forlorn looking. I went close to her and the feeling was that there that I was in a my physical body as I sat down next to her I touched her and she seemed solid, this is totally different for me. I looked in her eyes and we both smiled. (I remember gathering PUL, been doing this daily) I asked her name and as close as I can get it was Cami. I asked her how old she was, she said 16. somehow the subject got around to her aunt and her face got clouded and confused when we spoke about her aunt, as if something was blocked from her conscious awareness. I sensed it was too truamatic for her to think about. then there was a lot of commotion and a group of young people (helpers) took her off somewhere. I felt she was in good hands, so I started exploring my surroundings. standing near the front of the structure I gazed across the street where a very old bungalow stood, with a fresh coat of white paint. I felt the town was very old in places when I saw other houses like this. I felt the pride that people had in their neighborhood, I was about ready to leave when 3 people came up to me in the guise of hotel clerks, they thanked me for coming and were very hospitable, they handed me checks. I'm not going to touch that gesture here, it was comical and unexpected though. I asked them what state I was in, feeling foolish for asking. this is S.Dakota they said, nearest town is Langford.

I went outside and saw a room for rent in the same building I was in and immediately wondered if the room was where Cami had stayed. I saw a note on the door from another student who was interested in renting it. I felt the suddeness of her departure from the physical plane. then my daughter drove up and asked if I was ready to leave yet! I was thrilled to see her. she is starting to be aware that she goes traveling at night and hangs with a group of people who are familiar to her but can't quite place into C1. frequently she pops into dreams of mine, and just hangs back watching, I don't know if she's learning something or just seeing that I don't get in trouble! she says she was my mother in another reality and that may be the case. har!

immediately I woke up finding myself in bed with every detail intact. ran over and got a map and looked for Langford and was a little surprised to find there actually is a town called that up in the east corner near Aberdeen. I have absolutely no doubts now about retrievals, not so much because of getting names of towns or numbers, but I got the sense of knowing that one cannot impart to another. all I can do is write it down for you, share it with my mouth hanging open, an obvious invitation to flies...oh well. PUL to all, alysia

Posted by alysia on February 21, 2002 at 15:17:26:

with only 2 hours sleep last night I'm wowed by my retrieval experience last night and I'd like to express my appreciation to Bruce, if you're reading this (attention, commercial coming!) for writing his books. I've been studying retrievals for a year and I now understand that using the imagination as a gateway into this exploration is what prepares us for further forays out there, or in here, as the case may be, but without the PUL, it wouldn't have happened at all. I know that too. love, alysia